It two o’clock in the morning, a particularly cold morning but underneath my blanket I am nice a cosy. My body is telling me quite fervently that it’s long since an appropriate bedtime but my mind is going crazy… I opened my eyes to the sight of my wall of photos and as I looked at all of them singularly and then as a whole I started to wonder why I have such a desire to immortalise moments in my life… Even when that moment is not special, it’s not important to the fabrication of my life but then I thought, of course they are. Maybe not to anyone else but to me these are the photos that I will be able to show my children and grandchildren and tell them about the fantastic people who are in them whether they are friends or family. I take photos so that when I am old and can’t remember things like I used to. I can sit back and look at my photos and think yeah that was a good day. I will remember how I was feeling, if I was happy or sad. I know things like selfies are annoying when people constantly do them but they are just ways of immortalising ourselves so that in that one moment we will always look like that and feel the way we did. I am thankful for my photographs, I would never ever give them up. It just shows how many people there are that I love enough to look at everyday and that makes me happy… Hooray for selfies… And hooray for crazy photographers hell bent on capturing moments non stop.

Here are two of some of my favourite photos…



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