I’ve recently been getting back into all the fairy tales I’m sure we all know an have know since childhood… None of us can say that we haven’t thought of what it would be like to be in a fairytale… All the young girls looking for their Prince Charming… Boys looking for a damsel in distress to rescue and to be the hero… We have all thought that our fathers new wife was an evil stepmother who would lock is away and make us cook and clean. And it makes me smile how there are still stories that make todays generation think all of these things. They have the same impact and messages, they have the power to make us think differently they will capture us from the moment we read the words and they will not let us go even when we are older and have outgrown them. I’m 21 yet I am still in love with the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, even little red riding hood. I love going to see pantomimes that recreate the beloved stories of my childhood. I even still love watching the animations that disney releases taking the stories and making the character come alive on screen.
All the best things come in the small things and these stories definitely have a lot to offer in that sense. They can make anyone feel better 😃 Long live fairytales as we know them .

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