It is crazy how fast these two weeks have gone, and it’s not been boring. So last weekend myself, Natalie and Sean made the horrific 7 hour BUS journey to FABERYSTWYTH πŸ˜€ to celebrate Mr Winskill’s birthday. It was so good to be back and to see everyone, It was worth the journey in the end. I love Aberystwyth, I’m glad we made it out because it’s just so lovely to go back and see how everyone is getting on. Everyone is doing so well and moving on just like we did, it’s weird to think we were in their shoes this time last year. If we can do it, so can they.

If you want to hear more or see more of our weekend, you can catch it all on Natalie Ann’s vlog soon.

So after our fabulous night out with all the alcohol and Marcos drunk food we relocated to Elliott’s and just chilled, it was so good just to hang out with him again. felt like we all had never left. In the morning I had decided I could not even attempt the journey back so Natalie and Sean made the 8 hour journey back at 6:40 in the morning. I did feel a bit bad for leaving them but bot for long because I got to go home for the night. I hadn’t been back to my hometown since i moved on the 23rd of February so it was the best feeling to be back even if it was for less than 24 hours.
My mum had come to pick me up and she brought our four dogs along for the ride, we took them to a little beach a few miles outside of Borth and let them roam free whilst we almost get blown away and soaked from the wind and rain that welcomed us. HELLO WALES!

Fast forward a little bit to leaving home AGAIN, I had my bag it was all packed and I was on the train heading for London. Then the craziest thing happened, I was sat waiting for a train to Birmingham in Shrewsbury, very tempted to get on the train back to Aber but stopped myself :). So a train pulls up right in front of where I was sitting and who steps out but none other than JAKE STAINER one of my best friends from Aber who I have not seen for weeks, I was gobsmacked, unfortunately all we had time for was a few hugs and then he had to catch the train to Aber. So so good to see him again even if it was a fleeting moment, and how bizarre it was. Still can’t believe that happened.

To give you all cliff notes of what happened afterwards… boring journey back to London where I met up with Sian who was staying with me for a night πŸ™‚ we then traveled back to Crayford where we came home to see the beauts people I live with plus the eighth wonder of the world Mr Griffiths πŸ™‚ love him. he stayed for a few days which was lovely especially for Natalie.

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