A few months ago I found out that a good friend of mine had actually gone and got a book published… Jealous isn’t even the word but I am happy for him and thought I better had check this out. In all honesty I only remembered to order it because I was a bit drunk and saw him (I asked if I was ordering the right one) I had to wait a while for it to arrive but when it did I was so excited I started reading immediately.

Now what only a few people know about me is I am an avid reader but a really rubbish one at that, I start reading a book and stop about quarter of the way through and start reading another one. Unfortunately it is what happened, but a few weeks ago I picked it back up and told myself I will finish this book soon. Since then I have not been able to put it down, and when I have had to it was a reluctant departure. This book is so good I think everyone needs to order it right now and read it. It is a perfect coming of age novel it is witty and very clever. I often had to stop myself from laughing on the train (I just looked like a random girl sniggering to herself… not a good look.) Anyway to give you a simple lowdown on the basic plot, it is about a sixteen year old boy called Stanly and it centers around his new found super powers he receives on his sixteenth birthday…

The thing I loved most about this book is how much I could relate to it… obviously not the super powers bit, but about being young and feeling like you need to be older and mature in this day and age, also I could tell it was Stef, I could hear his voice as I read. I could hear his personality and his humour. It truly is a wonderful book full of exciting plot twists and a fair bit of danger… some terrifying bad guys and some basic welsh thrown in for good measure (was nice to see I remembered most of my welsh from five years ago) Very hopeful that Stefan Mohammed gets all the praise he deserves for this book. I honestly cannot wait for the next installment, so GET CRACKING ON IT STEF.

I know this wasn’t the mouth watering review some people would have thought they were getting but would I ever lie to you… GO AND BUY THIS BOOK and get sucked into a new reality. I promise you will be sorry if you don’t.

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