I was having trouble coming up with something I wanted to write about, so I asked my fellow writer and best friend Charlie what she thought I could do. She very cleverly suggested I write a bucket list and tell you lovely people what I desire to do in my life.

There a lot of things I would love to do… some of them I will probably never do because i’m either too lazy or too much of a chicken haha but here goes.

1. I really want to go to Iceland and see the Aurora Borealis. (ONE DAY)

2. I want to travel as much as I can, Italy, France, America, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Ireland. I just would love to do all of these countries (AGAIN ONE DAY… it will be done)

3. I want to actually finish writing a book and not just get to a point and stop, I want to actually finish it to a point where I am happy.

4. I want to learn new languages, Lots of them, lots and lots of them ๐Ÿ˜€

5. I want to meet Baz Luhrman (That would be amazing, I may faint if it does ever happen… fingers crossed)

6. I want to see so many animals in their natural habitat, for example I want to see an Orca pod in the wild, that would be just spectacular.

7. I want to see the seven wonders of the world ๐Ÿ˜€

8. I want to see a Broadway show in New York (FINDING NEVERLAND please stay on broadway for a long time, haha)

9. I want to volunteer for something, like animal conservation or something that will help the make the world better.

10. I want to have my own house someday… or a flat, I’m easy.

11. I want to be happily married one day (I know I say I don’t want to marry but who am I kidding, of course I want a white dress and a wedding.)

12. I want to see all my friends get married (won’t be long at the rate they are getting engaged ๐Ÿ˜‰

13. I want to go to the Game of Thrones set and sit on the Iron Throne ๐Ÿ™‚

14. I want to finish reading all the book I have on my shelves haha. (There is a lot)

15. Cheesy one. I want to go to Disney World… I’ve never been…

16. I want to get a job in the film business. Maybe as a screenwriter? haven’t decided yet.

17. Getting difficult now… ummmmm…… UMMMMMMMMMMMMM……… I want to go to Hobbiton in New Zealand.

18. I want to do stunts (haha, such an odd one but genuinely do) I want to be thrown around with explosions going on on the background… would be hilarious.

19. I want to get my drivers license.

20. ย Finally… It will never happen but I want to win something prestigous, like an oscar haha or be on the National Bestseller list.

There you go 20 things that are on my Bucket List. These are thing I would absolutely love to do in my life and I hope I get them all done. I will get them all done.

Have you got a bucket list… It’s fun, why don’t you write some things down that you would love to do but don’t think you would ever do them.


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