Hello everyone, as some of you may know I recently went travelling to a few countries across the channel for five weeks and while I was away I saw some amazing sights. I tried to write it all down in a journal but I just kept losing track of the days and what I was doing. But here we go I shall try and remember all the sights I have seen to share with you all.


I made the long trip down from home to London to catch my Eurostar train from St Pancras. Before i got the train I went for lunch with my two bestie girls at an Italian restaurant on Goodge street close to where Hannah works. Natalie was late because she’s silly and forgot :P, so she ended up being there five minutes before we had to leave.
For my 22nd birthday (which had been the previous week) they gave me a beautiful St Christopher’s necklace to guide and protect me on my travels. I wore it all the time and still do, Thank you lovelies :D.
I arrived for my Eurostar with plenty of time to spare, it was easy as pie going through security, much better than airports. Even though it was way more expensive I was very happy with Eurostar, even if it didn’t have very good wifi.

I arrived in Paris later that day, well, night really. It was an absolute nightmare, it was all my worst fears come to life, I was very ready to jump back on the train and go home, but after speaking to my mum she persuaded me to ‘cowboy up’ and get on with it.
After two hours of trying to find the right hostel it was safe to say I was feeling very emotional and tired. After having a bit of a cry and another chat to mum, I manned up and freshened up and had a few alcoholic drinks, because let’s face it I was in dire need of it. I had just started and already had seen enough of Paris for a month. I had walked all over the place in all the wrong directions (I laugh at it now)
I couldn’t wait to go back and see some of the sights  was unable to see at that point, but at that point all I wanted was a drink and a goodnight’s sleep.

The next morning I woke up at 7 (very early for me) and got myself ready for my first Busabout journey to Amsterdam. I had a quick breakfast with a bloke I had met called Rob (who was lovely and also one of the only brits on this journey) and then we went out and joined the rest of the backpackers. It was a bit intimidating, some had already been travelling for months and had made friends, whereas it was quite difficult for me to make friends that quickly.

We stopped off at several service stops and also at the Vimmy monument about an hour outside of Paris, which was absolutely beautiful. It was a massive stone statue with gorgeous carvings, it was a short stop but definitely worth it. We then carried on and ended up in Bruges for an hour which was also so lovely we dropped off a few people and picked up even more. I would definitely go back to Bruges if the chance arose.
At about six o’clock we made it to Amsterdam and I very quickly jumped on a tram and made my way to the Central Station to get on a train to The Hague for a few days with another of my best girls… Miss Charlie Lecomte 😀

Keep an eye out to hear about my Amsterdam antics in tomorrow’s blog post.

Thanks for reading 😀

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