Hello everyone, here is the next installment about my travels, it is rather long i’m afraid so bear with it  😀

I finally made it to The Hague and was met at the station by Charlie 😀 which was great. We had not seen each other since the New Year celebrations, so just the epic hug we had at the station made me feel so much better about being far away from home.
We got to the house where Charlie had been staying and I met her landlady, she was a lovely lady if it wasn’t for her accent she could pass off as English. We had some wine and cheesy things whilst chatting away in the back garden among the beautiful trees and sounds of birds. After that I quickly changed my clothes and then we were off out on bikes in to the town to meet some of Charlie’s Intern friends. Well I tell you what, fair douse to the cyclists out there, it is a scary world on a bike, I was so afraid of flying over the handlebars that I forgot about the cars in the middle of the road. Luckily I was not run over this time and I did get used to it by the time I left.

Charlie’s friends were so lovely but being the only British person in the crowd was often confusing, normally it was the odd American or Australian in a group of Brits, and we often unfairly made fun of Charlie’s accent on many occasion. I think she relished in making fun of my accent for once.

That night after watching a film we fell asleep only to be woken up by the strangest storm, there was thunder and lightening but then, sometimes, only lightening. Very odd to say the least.

The next day the weather was awful, wind and rain threatened the entire day, therefore we had lush chocolate pancakes for breakfast and then went to see a film in the nearby cinema. We watched SPY with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and many others. It was hilarious and action packed, such a good film.
It was crazy to see the aftermath of the storm, the streets were covered with branches, it was difficult to manouvre the bike around them. That night we went to a lovely Thai restaurant with Charlie’s friends, but oh my god the portions were massive I couldn’t finish it. We then went to Augustus’s (one of Charlie’s friends) flat, which was gorgeous, to have a few drinks (I say a few, I had a full bottle of Smirnoff ice… apparently that’s hardcore over the channel.)

The next day we went for a little tour of Scheveningen which was like a suburb of The Hague. It was lovely to walk along the beech and walk through the grand hotel, it was like walking into a tardis. We walked along the Pier and looked out at the sea trying to see if we could see England in the far distant (we did not, surprisingly)
We walked all along the coast watching the hustle and bustle of everyday life of the locals and of course the adventurous tourists. We ended up in the harbor looking at all of the grand sailing boats contemplating what we would name ours, should we ever manage to earn enough money to actually own one. It was in this harbor where I tried my first taste of bitterballen, which Charlie described as little balls of mashed up shepherds pie, but it is oh so much more, describing this is just not enough you have to try one to believe how amazing they are.

I was beginning to feel sad that it was my last night with Charlie, but we carried on and eventually made it back to the house (which was a perfect Netherland home) and got ready to join Charlie’s friends one last time for a meal at a burger place. It was true what they said about it, it was a very good place to eat, they were hardly stingy in their helpings. No surprise that my company were well known there.
After our meal we said goodbye to the boys and headed back to Charlie’s house. We ended up getting in our PJ’S and watching Smash which of course is brilliant that I need to carry it on now I am back.

The next morning we got ready to go our separate ways, it was sad but we knew we would see each other soon. Love that girl.


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