So after a wonderful three days with Charlie i made my way back to Amsterdam which was only an hour away on the train (A DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN) I made my way to the hostel I was staying at from the station which to be honest was not very far away I was just lazy and got the tram. I was staying right by Vondelpark, it was such a lovely place with really nice rooms and a nice communal area, it was a shame the weather had not cleared up, it felt like being right back at home. The hostel was called Stayokay (for future reference) When I was finally allowed in my room I was the one in there, the second was a Canadian girl called Reka, who coincidentally I spent most of the next day with.

I went for a short walk down the road and luckily came across the Rijksmuseum so I went for a gander considering I had plenty of time. I saw paintings by Rembrandt and Van Gogh which was amazing, just to see works from some of the most famous painters. I also saw the I AMSTERDAM sign, even though it was difficult to get a picture with me by it (like most tourists) only because I didn’t have anyone to take one of me. I didn’t trust to ask anyone to hold my camera.
One thing I did notice about Amsterdam and Holland in general is the architecture of some of the houses, some were boats on the river and some of the houses and slanting roofs (I can’t find a photo, but it was really weird)
The next day Reka and I walked through the bloemenmarket, and saw the bridges of Amsterdam (The Venice of Holland) and everything was beautiful and lovely, not exactly like I had imagined it, I think I was expecting something literally out of The Fault in our Stars. I did however just get an amazing feeling from just standing in the middle of such an amazing place. I was still feeling a bit homesick, but I couldn’t help but a feel just a little bit at home in this quaint little city. Amsterdam is definitely a place I would return to, I didn’t get to see half of the sights, such as the Anne Frank house due to the mega line that just round corner after corner for at least half a mile.

For one of my favourite places this is one of the shortest entries, for those who want to know… I did not go to the Red light district…


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