Well here we are…. Prague.

Prague was my fifth stop on my five week tour of Europe, and what a city it was 😀

Prague has to be the most underrated city ever, I will admit that when i first arrived I was a little uncertain of the area but by morning and seeing the difference outside of the window I was ready to start exploring. I went to the front desk of my lush hostel and changed some of my euros in to kronnau, and also asked for directions on how to get into the town. The front desk people were so helpful, better than most of the hostels I had been to.
Within half an hour, after finding the right tram stop, and panicking whether I was going in the right direction, i was on my way to see the castle. I remember simply going around the corner and looking out at the entire city, it was beautiful. I had never seen so many oranges and dark pinks.

IMG_2615 When I got off at the suggested stop for the castle I was surprised to see how busy the area was. I had forgotten that it was still a holiday destination for many people. I made my way up the very steep hill, maneuvering around the tourists and the street sellers, stopping every ten steps or so to turn around and take about five pictures a time. I couldn’t get over how breathtaking the site was. When I finally reached the top I went through the gardens which were obviously gorgeous, just like the view and the castle itself. I spotted a little remote control lawn mower on one of the small fields, I was mesmerized, could not help but stand and watch it laughing to myself.

Once I had made it to the gates of the castle, I was in awe, I could see the entire city from the top of the hill. You only get a few of those moments in your life, but I thought to myself “Maria, you almost missed out on this gorgeous place, aren’t you glad you stayed” 😀 I was standing in the middle of a massive courtyard, being chased by people on segways and admiring the antique cars taking tourists for a tour of the castle like never before. It was amazing to stand there, taking everything in, it was one of the first times on my tour that I didn’t feel like going home.

Words cannot describe what I saw in the castle cathedral except I fell in love immediately. It was breathtaking, completely breathtaking.
IMG_2659 Was really difficult to get a good full length picture it was that big 😀

I went back to the Hostel reluctantly, the weather was turning from the wet and windy in Amsterdam and Berlin to lovely and hot weather, I could only last so long 🙂 When back at the hostel I found out that for a second time I had been put in a room full of boys (last time I pick mixed gender honestly) The boys I met were very a few lovely lads from Newcastle waiting on their A-Level results so I really hope they all got what they wanted 🙂

This is the end of Part 1 I’ll get started on Part 2 later 😛

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