Hello everyone,

So after a few months off the grid concerning my blogs I am back… Never fear I will get to the end of my European travels… Slowly but surely I will 🙂

These blog pages are basically for my friends and family who aren’t here with, I thought it would be nice for them to carry on with my crazy antics. Have to admit I am copying my bestie Natalie Ann from upyourvlog she writes awesome blogs so give her a read if you have time 🙂

Life in Aber, I must admit is very different, I am a little older (only a little thank you) and I had to readjust to the new surroundings after taking a year away from the bubble. I do feel better being back because I’m a home bird. Can’t fly to far just yet.

In a few weeks I will be in my favourite societies next show Bare, I do have to sing so if it rains constantly for the next three weeks I apologise. But the one thing I cannot wait for is the arrival of my best friends Hannah and Natalie (it’s online now guys so you have to come :P) I am hoping that they will enjoy the show as it is one of their favourites.

It’s my fifth month back in the Aberland and as much as I am enjoying it, I am feeling homesick which I know will pass in a few weeks so that’s good at least I know it will pass so I don’t spend every day being positively miserable haha.

So that’s a little roundup of what to expect on these blog pages… Get ready for my roller coaster life as a post graduate. Keep your arms and feet inside the carriage and enjoy the ride 😜

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