My last day in Prague was mainly going back into town and walking round everything. I was having a break from museums, I was mainly checking out the tourist life and the beautiful architecture of all the buildings.
I went across the beautiful Charles bridge as slowly as I could without being pushed left, right and centre by the amount of people around and wondered the streets, attempting not to get lost (I got lost a lot) I loved to walk the streets, it was weird that I felt safe being on my own. I know that I was surrounded by hundreds of tourists but when you travel alone, you can be alone and enjoy everything so much more.
Before I went across the bridge I stopped and listened to a man and a woman singing and playing together, they sounded absolutely amazing and just wanted to give them a shout out even though I don’t know what they were called.

I would love to bring my friends back here one day, only for them to stand by the amazing castle and look out at the beautiful city. I am in love with Prague.
I also began buying gifts for myself and other people here, I started to collect postcards and some beautiful black and white watercolour pictures of the streets and tourist attractions. I knew I had to have them immediately.

Prague was the only city on my travels that I had to change my euros for. When I worked out how much I had actually spent in Prague I was amazed, I thought it was a lot more.

For the first time since I had left home I was starting to think that I would not go home. My homesickness was passing and I was using up all the memory on my SD card taking photos of absolutely everything to remember my time. I couldn’t wait to carry on but also I wanted to stay longer and walk the streets of Prague all day.

Next Stop VIENNA đŸ˜€

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