We all have our favourite actors and actresses, whether they are new to the game or have been your favourite’s for years. Here are 10 of my favourite actresses who have inspired me to write in hope that one day they will bring my characters to life.

  1. KATE WINSLET – For as long as I can remember I have really looked up to the great Kate Winslet, she has brought to life many of my favourite characters like Rose Dawson in Titanic and Sylvia Llewellyn-Davies in Finding Neverland. I cannot wait to see her in The Dressmaker and hope she carries on with her fantastic craft.
  2. NICOLE KIDMAN – There are simply no words to describe this fabulous woman, I have loved watching her in everything, ever since I first Moulin Rouge (which is my favourite film in the world)
  3. EMMA WATSON – Again I have always looked up at Emma Watson, I think she is an amazing actress and shows emotion really well. She is also very inspirational not just to me but to many other girls, from being the geek who stood up to bullies in Harry Potter all the way to her activism in the HeForShe campaign.
  4. CATHERINE ZETA-JONES – What a goddess… and what’s even better is she hails from good old Wales. It is truly amazing to see how she just hasn’t aged in the near two decades she has been on our screens, I hope I look like her when i’m older.
  5. JULIANNE HOUGH – Not only do I love Julianne Hough as an actress, Safe Haven being one of my favourite films but this woman is also an amazing dancer. Everytime I see her dance it makes me want to get up and copy her (Which wouldn’t be as pretty or graceful)
  6. NATALIE ANN – So this actress is very unknown at the moment. She is my best friend and she inspires me because she is working so hard to achieve her dream and life goal. She is doing everything right and I know one day she will be strolling down a red carpet fighting off the press. Keep going you star.
  7. LAURA MICHELLE KELLY – This actress is currently on Broadway in Finding Neverland, I hate that I am not able to just get on a plane and go and see it. She is an amazing singer and beautiful actress. If she doesn’t win a tony for her role as Sylvia Llewellyn-Davies then I will lose faith in the musical theatre world.
  8. SAOIRSE RONAN – Atonement was the first film I saw this young actress in, from then I have seen her in The Lovely Bones and The Host (to name a few) I wish her all the luck and will be rooting for her at the Oscars as she is nominated for her role in Brooklyn, a film I cannot wait to see. She has a great presence on the camera and a truly gorgeous accent.
  9. CHLOE GRACE MORETZ – We all know this girl as the incredible Hit Girl but for someone her age to be able to do all those stunts is awesome, she is a very driven young lady and I wish her all the luck in her future projects, she is the epitome of a driven young woman.
  10. CHER – A few days ago I re-watched Burlesque and remembered how much of a superstar Cher actually is, she looks like a goddess and I love hearing her sing with her sassy voice. For a non actress she has done exceedingly well with her acting career, I hope she is on our screens someday soon. I do love a Cher fix.

There we go… My top 10 actresses. If you don’t know who they are then look them up I doubt you will be disappointed.

Tune in soon for the next blog.
Goodnight my peeps šŸ˜€


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