Hello Everyone,

I am so awful for not posting anything in the last few weeks, I have been super busy with University. I have just completed a 5000 word essay and honestly I hope I never do another one. I am doing a Creative Writing course so I barely have to write anything that requires me to actually think like a brain box. I just write whatever comes into my head. Which is exactly what I have to do for my next assignment. I have to say though, the two modules I have just finished have to be some of my favourite, I learnt a lot from my lecturers about the publishing world and about the little things that make our stories what they are. I made some new friends (hopefully) which is always very nice and handy to have when you need help, we have already agreed to help each other out on our next assignment.

I am currently writing from my good old hometown. I am on holiday visiting my family for my Mums Birthday so Happy Birthday to my Mum and hoped she had a fabulous birthday party. I did have a few surprises myself over the past few days. Not only did my best friends come all the way up from London for the party, one of my best friends Charlie came all the way from PARIS to surprise us all, thanks to my Mum. We were all so happy to see each other, but so sad that they have now all left 😦

Now I am sat writing whilst I watch one of the best films of all time… Moulin Rouge, a tale of Truth, Beauty, Freedom and above all things… Love. Sometimes that is all you need.

Keep checking the page for more blogs coming soon 😀



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