Lately I have been thinking, that it is about time I start reviewing what I know best, books, films and TV programmes, and what better to start off with than with one of my all time favourite films Moulin Rouge.

Set in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century we follow the tale written by the young writer Christian as he tells the story of the first true love of his life. He had come to Paris from London to become a true bohemian writer. He wanted to experience all the things you should so including falling in love.
Christian soon meets a group of friends who are the epitome of bohemian revolutionaries who introduce him to a world he had only imagined. The Underworld.
Within fifteen minutes of the film we meet Satine. The Sparkling Diamond she is called by her employer Harold Zidler, the owner of the Moulin Rouge. Now as always there is a rule for the courtesans, they are not allowed to fall in love, with clients or anyone. Sating rebels against this and as soon as Christian begins to sing the uplifting ‘Your Song’ her heart melts as does all of the women’s watching.

Luhrman mixes the bohemian chic of the 1900’s with modern day music to create something truly spectacular. An addictive soundtrack, vibrant sets and beautiful costumes, but most of all the well rounded characters that we come to hate and love. Ewan McGregor brings to life the penniless writer thrown into the bohemian world and Nicole Kidmand as his love interest, the Sparkling Diamond. I couldn’t tell you what makes this my favourite film but all I can say is it makes you believe in Truth, Freedom, Beauty and above all things, Love and I love this film, I commend Baz Luhrman for this fabulous creation and this compeltely deserves to be on the stage in true Spectacular, Spectacular form.

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