Aberystwyth, a beautiful, scenic seaside town. A place that once you have been to, you will never want to leave… well, maybe after three years of gruelling University, but guaranteed you will miss it and even want to return once in a while.

Situated in the middle of the welsh coastline, Aberystwyth is the perfect student town. With an abundance of shops for the weekends, bars for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Social nights, plus two nightclubs worthy of their names. ‘Why Not’ because, indeed, why the hell not and Pier Pressure, mostly due to more than half of the people in there were somehow pressured by their friends to go. Students come from all over the world to marvel in the towns benefits and more importantly, it’s glorious sunsets.

On the occasional stunning weekend the tourists descend. So most students stick to areas that the holiday makers do not go near. For when the tourists  come the seagulls flock, stealing chips and ice cream on more than a few occasions. For the rest of the year they sit on lampposts and plot our demise.

South Beach is close to the marina so be sure not to get to drunk around this area as you may end up on a random boat in the middle of the sea. The beach however is one of the best places for a summer bonfires/barbecues. Many awesome summer nights have been spent by numerous societies and locals sitting around the burning driftwood and the shredded coursework papers (usually happens after exams.)

Although when visiting the town you may need to bring sunglasses and an umbrella. You can mostly survive with a good strong windbreaker and sturdy trainer/boots, but to be on the safe side it would be wise to bring all clothing and accessories for all kinds of weather . Freshers soon realize that nights out in short dresses and heels are a disaster area. Flats and jeans/leggings are the way forward. Comfort is the new sexy.

The old castle ruins is a romantic spot for a spontaneous, getaway picnic and a chance to sit and imagine what the castle used to look like, back when it stood proud on the seafront. Also, sitting in the right spot can give you front row seats to some of the best sunsets in the world. On a side note, the castle is a fantastic area for hide and seek… Just saying!

Aberystywth have some of the best pubs up for offer, these pubs include Lord Beechings, Cambrian and of course Rummers. Vodka Tuesdays, Gin Thursdays, Cocktails and of course pound shots… Music to the ears of every student. Saving money and still getting drunk at the same time, just what everyone wants to hear. All three of these fabulous places are all within walking distance of each other, perfect if there happens to be a rainy night (so most of the time!)

Some of the most beautiful walks, beaches and sunsets are to be found in this perfect little town. Once you leave you, I guarantee you will want to come back.

No one can escape the Aber bubble!


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