Just over eleven years ago, I was in my first year of Secondary School. In that year I met this really random girl. She was called Sophie (I know four Sophie’s.) Now to begin with I thought this girl was super weird, due to the fact that she used to stare over her shoulder at my work in art class. Weird right. I don’t actually know how I first started speaking to her but she ended up being one of my best friends for the three years I was in school with her… until she left me for the enemy school πŸ˜€

Over the years we have bonded over little things… How she used to terrorize me with scary films at sleepovers. How I would scare her with the life size doll my father bought for me (it looked like me, I used to hide it in the covers when she went out of the room.) How we would watch the same films, Jersey girl, Uptown Girls, A Walk to Remember and Casper meets Wendy. How she would take pictures of me when I was sleeping with my polaroid camera and get freaked out by the noise it made and also how one time she pushed me off my own bed and into my wardrobe (she generally just beats me up haha!) Β She is the type of friend who you can have casual banter with every time you see them. We don’t need to see each other all the time or speak to each other every day, all we need is one weekend every now and then to bash out anything and everything.

So last year she tells me that she is ENGAGED to a fabulous bloke called Ben.
We used to talk about who would get married first and I always knew it would be her, but it is absolutely mental to think it is actually happening. πŸ˜€
On Saturday, I traveled four hours from Aberystwyth to Liverpool to meet Sophie and her other friends who I had never met, so safe to say I was pretty nervous. We all got ready and met up for a glass of prosecco in our new personalized champagne flutes, (she knows how to treat us) before heading into town to a bar called Revolution for a cocktail making course.
Our instructor was a lovely bloke called Will. He made us many cocktails and gave us many shots… So by the end, we were all pretty drunk and it wasn’t even ten o’clock.

Sophie’s friends were so lovely and really made me feel part of the group which was fabulous. New friends have been made πŸ˜€ After Revolution there was, Pop World (oh my days this was a fun place) Level, Walkabout and a few others. We even got into a few places for free and fast tracked queues just because it was Sophie’s hen night. I should warn all taxi drivers that if you refuse these women a taxi at night when they are in heels, beware their wrath (truly scary times.) Would definitely go out in Liverpool again, no questions asked. We truly sent her out of singledom with a huge bang.

Less than four weeks to go till I see my beautiful bestie walk down the aisle and start her new life as Mrs Sophie Crane. Although she may be married and have a husband she can not get out of weekends away and the occasional cocktail sesh with me πŸ˜€

Congratulations to this lovely couple and good luck to Ben, I know you can handle her.

11 years and I still can’t get rid of you. Wouldn’t want to either. LOVE!


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