I love looking at the sea through the shade of sunglasses. The way it allows me to see the definition of each crashing wave into another or the way it rolls over the sturdy rocks. I love the way the sunlight shimmers on the calmer waters further away from the land… further away from me.
I love the wait, waiting for a glimpse, a possible glimpse of an underwater animal. For the moment it leaps out and breaks the barrier of two worlds. But I won’t call out and grab the attention of passers by. No, that moment will just be for me. To sit back and watch nature in all it’s beautiful glory.
So I shall keep waiting, until my body forces me to move and even then it will be reluctantly. I would wait for eternity if I could. Watching the waves, waiting and hoping.

“I saw eternity the other night, like a great ring of pure and endless light”
Henry Vaughan

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