A few years ago I went through a phase of asking my friends ridiculous questions. I merely asked the questions we all want to know the real answers to.
In this new weekly blog post I will be asking questions and then answering them so that we ALL know the answers. We can all learn something new together ๐Ÿ˜€

So the first question is…


Easy question you say! Well when I was younger I used to think clouds were formed from the exhaust that came out of airplanes. Don’t judge me, I was never the brightest spark in the plug.
I typed the question into the all knowing and ever resourceful GOOGLE! The first thing that pops up is actually from weather wiz kids and it says that,
‘When warm air rises, it expands and cools. Cool air can’t hold as much water vapor as warm air, so some of the vapor condenses onto tiny pieces of dust that are floating in the air and forms a tiny droplet around each dust particle. When billions of these droplets come together they make a visible cloud’

Well what do you know the big fluffy things in the sky are water and dust… whenever I asked someone they used to say that it was water but NO… they were only half right. It’s water AND dust. So interesting.

Weather wiz kids are not the only people who have something to say, NASA actually study clouds to help them understand the earths climate. They also study the clouds on other planets such as Mars and Jupiter. Jupiter’s clouds however are not made of water they are made up of the gas Ammonia. (Wouldn’t that just ruin your hair!)

There are many types of clouds. NASA’s website says ‘Cirrus clouds are high clouds. They look like feathers. Cumulus clouds are middle clouds. These clouds look like giant cotton balls in the sky. Stratus clouds are low clouds. They cover the sky like bed sheets.’
Now you can go outside on a nice day, or even a rainy day, look up at the sky and determine which cloud is which. ๐Ÿ˜€

So what seemed like a really silly question actually turns out to be a very interesting subject. I must have been daydreaming when they taught us this in geography and science. Oops.

Make sure to read next weeks Ask Away! To find out about something new.
Remember these questions are just random, I don’t judge my brain, it asks many poignant questions.

If you have any quirky questions that you want answered let me know, I am always up for learning something new.






3 Comments on “Ask Away! – Where do clouds come from?

  1. Excellent, I actually read this one!!! This new blog is very “you” and will be a brilliant thing to read xx


  2. hah so interesting! I always find myself asking random questions like this and people look at me like I’m an idiot…meanwhile they don’t know the real answers themselves! I hope you continue this as an ongoing series! ๐Ÿ™‚


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