Today I have been asked to answer a question by my friend Hannah and to be honest I am devastated that I did not think of this one before.

What are fingernails?

Medicine Net said that ‘Fingernails grow from the matrix. The nails are composed largely of keratin, a hardened protein (that is also in skin and hair). As new cells grow in the matrix, the older cells are pushed out, compacted and take on the familiar flattened, hardened form of the fingernail.’  So the matrix is a real thing… weird.

Live Science had this interesting little fact for me ‘Fingernails are one of the features that distinguish primates, including humans, from other mammals. They are essentially flattened forms of claws.’ See women do have claws… but watch out girls, now we know that men do too.

As I am not a massive beauty nerd, I found  a Health website that helped me understand the different bits of the nails and this is what I found…

  • The nail plate is the part of the nail that you can see.
  • The skin around your nails is referred to as nail folds.
  • The skin that is covered by your nail is known as a nail bed.
  • A cuticle is the tissue that covers the bottom of your nail to protect newly formed keratin as your nail grows.
  • The white half-moon seen at the base of your nail is called a lunula.

We also have to make sure that we are looking after ourselves. Like hair, if our nails have signs of no growth it could be a sign that something is wrong with our health. Which would make sense. Our fingernails are made of living cells that are regenerating constantly. We must look after our bodies so they can look after us… we all know a girl needs her claws especially on a night out.

SO we now know what a fingernail is made out of, but the most interesting thing is the function of the finger nail. It is said by the website Boundless Physiology, that fingernails act as a protective plate (we all know that even a small cut or even a hangnail can hurt so much) it also enhances the sensation of the finger. I don’t know about you but I think that is amazing. Something that seemed so insignificant is actually super important for us to feel things.

REMEMBER – if there’s something wrong with your nails then there could be something wrong internally. Best to get it checked out, just in case.

Hope that answers your question Hannah 😀 If anyone has any questions they wish to know the answers to, sure you can look them up yourselves but then I would be extremely bored. Let me know. 😀

Make sure you tune in next week to learn something new 😀


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