Hello Everyone,

I know I have been a bit slow with the blog posts over the last week or so. But today I have realised that there are a lot of blogs out there that are super amazing and that everyone should follow. Some are friends, writers, travelers and all round amazing people.

    One of my best friends blog and vlog UP YOUR VLOG, is a mix between YouTube  videos and daily blogs (how she finds the time to be this awesome, i’ll never know)
    It can vary from beauty techniques to what she did that day or even what she has been working on… Hopefully she will do one about when she visits me this week 😉 Hint hint!
    I have absolutely fallen in love with the writings of The Virtual Victorian. I was introduced to this blog during one of my MA classes. Shortly after I bought Elijah’s Mermaid (You can find the review on this blog.) I fell in love with the book, an easy going, Victorian story with many plot twists that will leave you gobsmacked. My kind of novel. Any way, the blog is just as good. Interesting stories from the Victorian era that inspire the stories of Essie Fox. Worth a look.
    This blog is by a lovely lady called Laura. She is actually one of my friends, friend. I love reading her reviews and her Sunday Brunch posts are enough to lighten anyones day. Laura writes about a number of things, including the travelling that she recently did to Asia. She also writes book, theatre, music and film reviews. This girl is going places with her writing. All the best to her.
    I have known Nicola Watkins for nearly 14 years and I know that she is a very talented writer and actress. Her blog is mainly about things that she gets up to or things that inspire her. It’s fantastic to see her writing regularly and I honestly cannot wait to see what else that she writes about. Definitely worth a look at the Curious Journeys of this free spirited, lovely lady.
    Possibly one of my most favourite dancers and actresses. I love the little tips that she gives with healthy eating or the workouts that she enjoys to do. Julianne Hough is definitely an inspiration to me, and I would happily recommend her blog to the world!


So there are my TOP 5! blogs at the moment. Please take a look, you won’t regret it at all. Links are shown below!!!!!!

Happy Days Peeps!!!!

http://www.upyourvlog.com/ – Natalie Ann
http://virtualvictorian.blogspot.co.uk/ – Essie Fox
http://www.aviewfromthebalcony.com/ – Laura Colledge
http://curious-journeying.blogspot.co.uk/ – Nicola Watkins
http://juliannehough.com/ – Julianne Hough

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