My next stop on the best bus journey of a lifetime was the magical, VENICE!

I adore Italy and have always longed to go on holiday here so when the tour guide said we had crossed the border and were now in Italy, safe to say I was jumping for joy (albeit quietly) in my seat.

When we got to the campsite where I was meat to be staying I had a few accomodation problems. A little tip for any one thinking of doing this, NEVER say you will go in a mixed gender tent, you may get what I got and instead of having some fit older lads (hopefully Australian) I got 2 fourteen year old french boys who told me that it wasn’t my tent and that I had to leave. :O Shocked was an understatement.
After a very teary phone call to my mother (Yes I rang my mum from Italy… I was desperate) we decided that she would book me a hotel and I would have a few nights away to rest properly and be alone 😀 I love my mum.

My hotel was very, very lovely. The concierge was so nice, he helped me work out how to get some food, he helped me with my Italian and he helped me work out the relatively easy transport to the islands. I really enjoyed walking down the streets and seeing the Italian people go about their business and I loved my hotel room. I was living the dream!

When I got to the islands of Venice I decided to just let my feet wander, it was a blistering hot day but I did not feel like I was burning. I was too excited to see the gorgeous city. A lot of people said that he would smell really bad but to be honest I couldn’t smell anything.
I ventured down the streets, letting myself get lost in the wonderful architecture and the cobbled streets. I went into my first Italian bookshop and spent almost half an hour strolling around the very small place and ended up breaking my rule of buying no books on my trip and bought two. You can’t not go into a place like that and not buy a book.

It all seemed really quiet until I managed to find myself somewhere near the Realto Bridge and all of a sudden there was hundreds of people, they all swarmed around me like bees on honey. Thankfully I managed to chart a different course and head away from the crowd and unfortunately the bridge as well. At least I got to see a little bit of it.

I do wish to go back there at some point in my life due to the fact that I got completely lost and to be honest I don’t know if I saw half the things I thought I did. All I know is Venice is beautiful and I wish that I could spend all my time there.

Beautiful food. Beautiful views, Gorgeous weather and Lovely people. All the best things that I enjoy.

Grazie Tante, You beautiful city!

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