Almost two weeks ago Aberystwyth was swarmed with Curtain Call members, new and old. They came for a celebration. Curtain Call is TEN years old. We would rehearse in the day and party at night like the next day didn’t matter.
The feeling we all had to see our old friends, for the old to meet new friends was fantastic. It had been a long couple of months of rehearsals and preparations but the weekend we had been waiting for was finally upon us.

I had already had a few days with my Best Friend Hannah and we only had to wait a few more hours before Natalie, Charlie and Elliott were all back in the Aber Bubble, many of the fabulous people I had met over the years had flocked in a few at a time, Will & Sam (These guys though!) our main guy Al, I can’t name everyone but they know who they are. A weekend full of Gin, Cocktails, Pier Pressure and even Yoko’s was just what the doctor had ordered.

So ten years ago, our beloved founders decided to create a musical theatre society run by students, for students, and we thank them every day that they did. Ten years later and the society is still going strong. Many successful shows down the line and there is plenty of time for a hell of a lot more. We could not be more excited to have hit this milestone.

Thanks to the Aberystwyth Arts Centre for allowing us to perform on the stage that several other brilliant shows have performed on. Something on that scale showed that we are a society to be reckoned with. We hope that someday we will be able to perform again on the fabulous stage.

Some of my favourite shows that I have done with Curtain Call include The Producers, Fame and Our House. Even though we are an amateur dramatics company, we strive to make our productions as professional as possible, from the acting all the way to the technical side, but what I love most about the rehearsal period is that we are pushed to our limits and then pushed further so we vary our range and make our talents just that much better.

After our successful concert we all just got drunk in true Curtain Call style. On the Sunday we had a very lovely meal at a local hotel, followed by some rather drunken karaoke. Again followed by more drinking. Basically the weekend consisted of singing, a bit of dancing, eating and most importantly DRINKING! ALL THE ALCOHOL!

These types of weekends are the what memories are made of. Thank god we have made this a yearly thing.

All my love to the Curtain Callers out there!


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