A few weeks ago, myself, my brother and my mum were invited out to Yorkshire to celebrate a family friends birthday. Of course we accepted the invite and made the journey into the mostly flat land of Northern England. Anything for a good old knees up 🙂

My mother (the savage) decided that yes, it would be a magnificent idea to wake up at 6 am for a 7 am train. Those of you who know me, know that I am NOT  a morning person. But, I survived. The train journey there was not awful with two changes at Crew and Manchester. We were having fun annoying each other and making other passengers stare at us like we were mad people (I hear some of you saying ‘You are mad’) but we like to think that being mad is better than being normal 😉

We were picked up from Selby train station by Matthew (who had arrived the day before) and our friend Ian, and we made the short and sweet journey back to his house by car. It was weird being back in the north. I had forgotten how flat the country is in comparison to Wales, plus there were hardly any corners, just straight road. (So odd)
When we arrived at the house I was in awe, it was like I had gazed into the future and seen the home I will create. The gates magically opened with a click of button (again, mother and I in our primitive Welsh countryside minds were in awe of this) it was from then that we decided that our house in fact needed these self opening gates. We were warmly greeted by Linda (this was the birthday girl) and their gorgeous labrador Bruce, who we ended up planning to dog nap the entire weekend.

The house was as gorgeous on the inside as it was on the outside, and after we had settled in and swapped a few stories it was time to get ready for the party. It was held in their semi-local pub called The Sloop, which was down the road and just in the next village over… literally five minutes walk away. The DJ was already blasting the tunes and their were many people already there and already drinking. We got to meet Ian’s sister, brother in-law, nephewS and niece in-law who were all so lovely. It was weird to know that of the nearly 40 year friendship that they shared, my mother had never met any of their families. Well now we have and they were all lovely.
After a lovely buffet, some gorgeous cake and lots of drinks it was closing time and time for bed.

The next morning, I woke up late due to not being able to get to sleep, because my mother was a pain in the neck… now I know why I live alone and have no boyfriend… I HATE sharing a bed. We all spent the day preparing for the Sunday on which Linda and Ian were hosting a sort of fundraiser garden party. So we assisted them in getting things ready, unfortunately most of the things we wanted to get done we couldn’t due to the bad weather. Instead we sat and reminisced about old times. For my brother and I it was nice to hear stories about our grandparents.

That night we were taken out to a lovely Indian Restaurant called Aagrah, which Linda and Ian go whenever they have the time, and I see why. I am very limited in my Indian food knowledge and have come to the terms that I cannot handle spicy food in the slightest. So I stuck with the common Chicken Korma. Although, Ian did order a few sides for us to try and which I have to say were very lovely. We were given special treatment due to how well our hosts knew the owner and the fact that they were told that we were from Wales. The people in Yorkshire are very hospitable. Lush food, lovely company and such a nice restaurant. The only thing that had let us down was the weather, unfortunately. But wait…

The Sunday was the day for the garden party. We were up with the lark… well nearly. Matthew had arrived early to help with the set up of the marquees as I helped Linda out with the makeshift bar, as I was the bartender in the family (thank you Beechings)
We got to meet Linda and Ian’s neighbors and friends. Some we had met at the party on Friday but some we were meeting for the first time. They were all happy to meet us as we had been mentioned several times as – the friends from Wales. I met several people who were keen to ask me all about my MA course and what I plan to do with the rest of my life.
Mum and Matthew ended up helping me with the bar as I was always wanting to go and get raffle tickets or play on the tombola 🙂
The raffle took a surprising turn when my tickets kept getting chosen. If I did win Linda would shout ‘It’s Matthew, It’s Matthew’ So by the end of the drawing of the tickets he had retreated around the side of the house whilst mother and I laughed till our sides split.
After the guests had left to enjoy their relaxing day with their families, we went back to The Sloop for a Sunday carvery. Absolutely lovely. The food was delicious and I managed to get a picture of a very lovely boat that seemed to take pride of place in a spot where everyone could see it. The theme of the pub did seem to be boatS, which made me very happy. I love to look at boats for some bizarre reason. IMG_7206.JPG

So all in all it was a lovely weekend to spend with some very lovely people. We almost didn’t want to go home, especially as our dognapping plan was thwarted by the fact that Bruce didn’t fancy jumping into the back of Matthew’s car… Shame.

Thank you Linda and Ian for a lush break away from work and Wales. 😀


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