I have got a secret… I have always wanted to be good at art. I did try, but I lacked the finesse of brush strokes or the perfection of shading. To be honest, I would get bored of my own lack of creativeness. I guess I am better with words than with paint.

However! I do have the greatest appreciation to those amazing people, and I highly think that they do not get enough credit. Especially those who are just starting out intending to make it their life. So, here are a few of the ones I am falling in love with. Lets see what you think.


Jenni studied Art at Aberystwyth University, graduating in 2017. I came across her work thanks to my partner who happens to be her best friend. Since being with him I have grown to admire her work, seeing many forms including Christmas cards (one of which I have sitting on my living room table at this moment) using watercolours and fine pen art, she has even been known to design tattoos.


What I love the most about her work is the time and patience she takes to make them incredible. I am always mesmerized by the effect her pointillism makes to a picture, it gives it a texture that simple strokes cannot create. You can see this  in the photo below, one of the many drawings that Jenni has done.
I am sure we shall see great things from this girl.





Meg, also studied Art at Aberystwyth University (indeed we are all representing our lovely seaside University.) Since graduating in 2017, Meg has been a very busy bumblebee. Setting up an Etsy shop and creating the most adorable greetings card in the form of the Little Chubby Unicorn, (she creates cards for all different occasions) Working on commission, Meg can create anything that you wish, her work ranges from greetings cards, to colourful galaMeg Chubbyxy watercolour, even illustrations for childrens books.


I love Meg’s work, like Jenni’s, the details are incredible. She really makes the pieces on the page come alive, and she makes it look effortless (trust me I have spent many a time watching her… in a non creepy way) Hopefully, whilst she is now doing her MA in Art she will still have the time to keep giving this beyond cute unicorn more ways to be mischievous.


The creator of Scenic Art, Chelsea Evans is an old friend of mine. I remember noticing small doodles on pages of notebooks in primary school so it was lovely to hear that she had begun to do something with her gift. Specializing in landscape pictures, she uses several different mediums including watercolour to create these fantastic pictures (which I would jump into in a heartbeat) which are usually set in a geometric shape which, for me makes them look more idyllic, almost like looking through a keyhole at your most desired place.

scenic art

Available in frames, as tattoo design, even on stone, you can really go to town and get one of these amazing pieces of art, custom made for any room in your home. They can feature anything that may remind of you of a memorable holiday or trip. I for one can’t wait to see what’s to come with Scenic Art.





If you wish to know more about these any of these three artists, then do not hesitate to comment at the bottom or take a gander at their social pages which are all linked below.

I can’t wait to hear what you all think.





Jenni Moffitt Art – Facebook Page
Instagram Page

Meg Rose Art – Etsy Shop
Instagram Page
Facebook Page


Scenic Ink – Instagram Page
Facebook Page




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