Have you ever felt like you are in the middle of nowhere, far away from the bright lights and bustling places… well I have. A lot of my friends live in London, and whenever I go to visit we always seem to find a cosy place that sell deliciously alcoholic cocktails. So, whenever I find that I miss my friends, I suggest a few rounds at Libertines, situated around the corner from the promenade.  The decor and style, from the moment you step inside brings a touch of the London Metropolis into our small Welsh town.

What I love most about this lovely, relaxing place, is that the menu is literally and ode to The Libertines, not the rock band if some of you are getting slightly confused, but to the freethinkers. There is an array of different styles and types of cocktails that truly boggle the mind.
I have a long list of the ones that I always buy, too afraid of the choice. I would have to say that my all time favourite is the Casanova’s Martini. Now, I do NOT like original martinis, not in the slightest, I think what drew me to this was that it was named after one of the most notorious lovers in history, and who can deny themselves a Casanova.


If you are a student like many of the patrons and are a little short on the money front (from buying books!) then you are going to love happy hour, well happy afternoon. From 3 till 7 Sunday to Friday you can enjoy the classic cocktails on the menu for just £4, they include the lovely Bramble, refreshing frozen or straight up daiquiri, and the sensational Singapore sling. Or, if you miss happy hour you can still enjoy any of the cocktails for £7-8, unless you want feel adventurous and try the Mad Hatters Tea Party (it literally comes in a teapot with little teacups) to share for little over £13.  There is a cocktail for everyone.

I can never resist a couple of cheeky beverages whenever my friends are in town, if you are feeling something fancier than beer and shots, Libertines is the place for you.You can’t just take my word for this so, if you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you go there at the nearest opportunity.


Libertines – Aberystwyth

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