Ever since I first listened to a clip of  a song from The Greatest Showman, I knew I wanted more. When three of the full songs were released I hastily began to replay them over and over again, making everyone around me listen to them. I loved them. So, when it came out in UK cinemas, you would think that I would be the first one into our local cinema. Unfortunately, I was not. Whilst some of my friends had date nights to see it I was sat in work fuming with jealousy. Until, I turned to my friend Chris and said, ‘You like theatre’ (as he works in theatre, it would be strange if he said no) he gave me a look to say ‘Really!’ so I carried on, I asked him if he wanted to see the film and was pleased when he said that magical word – YES!. By the end of the night we had made a plan to see it when it arrived at the Arts Centre Cinema. I had only a couple of weeks to wait.

The night had come and I was buzzing, I could not wait to get into the sold out viewing. We looked around to see a crowd of all ages that had come to see this film, luckily Chris had booked them in advance. I could not tell you how many adverts we went through, everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the cinema to go just that extra shade darker and for the screen to get longer. And then, it began.

90 minutes was not enough for what we saw. I could have sat there for another hour and a half watching it. I was mesmerized from the moment the 20th Century Fox logo appeared. The colours and the costumes and the choreography were all incredible, I could not take my eyes of it.
In regards to the whole plot, I thought it was well thought out and kept me on edge throughout, although, I would have liked to have seen more of the romance between Phillip and Anne Wheeler, and also the unique friendship with Lettie Lutz (The Bearded Lady) and Barnum, I feel like there was so much more there to tell.

I have been a big fan of Pasek and Paul since listening to Dear Evan Hansen, for which they won numerous amounts of Tony awards for. So, I was excited to hear that they wrote the music and lyrics for this film, and they did not disappoint.  With songs such as ‘Come Alive’ and ‘Rewrite the Stars’ it is safe to say I have been warbling along to them every chance I can get. I had my fingers crossed for them and the incredible Keala Settle at the 90th Academy Awards where ‘This is Me’ the song, sung by Settle’s character Lettie Lutz was performed and was nominated for Best Original Song, but sadly lost out to Remember Me from Coco. It must have been so hard for The Academy to choose.

If you haven’t managed to watch this marvel yet, I urge you to. This is easily my favourite film of 2018 so far. I just need to get it on DVD now… like right now 😀





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