I love to read, I always have every since I was old enough to sit down long enough to open one. However, I have never been able to just stick to one book at a time. I know it sounds crazy, but I do get distracted very easily, I read what I feel like reading.
Here are just three of the many books I have started and are yet to finish.

Lord of the Rings

I seem to be getting through this book very very slowly. I first started it fourteen years ago and have been reading it on and off. I have finally though, finished The Fellowship of the Ring. Even though it has taken so long, it still feels like an achievement.
Everyone knows or should know the basics story of the films, but as always, the book is just so much more. We can see that J.R.R Tolkien has given his characters so much background, more so than in the film.

The Story of my Life

Ever since I watched the BBC drama series Casanova starring Peter O’Toole and David Tennant I fell in love (as many women have done) with the legendary Giacamo Casanova.  So, when I visited Venice, I wanted to know more about him. It wasn’t until I made it to the little town of Orvieto in Italy, a few miles outside of Rome, when I stumbled upon the lovers biography ‘The Story of My Life’  I was so happy that I had found it, I just had to start reading as soon as I could.
It turns out that Casanova had such an interesting life.

Still Me

The last in the series of Jojo Moyes series, once more we see Louisa Clarke, but this time she is living her life to the full as per Will’s advice. I was entranced by the first book, emotionally involved with the second and now with the third, well, as I turn the last page I will wipe away tears of joy and sadness, joy because I will have gone with Lou on her journey through heartbreak and adventure and sadness because I don’t think I could find a series that has spoken to me more since Harry Potter.
It’s the novel that allows people to believe that it is never too late to kick start your life again.

As you can see, I love reading so much that I have three books on the go, it does not stop there, I do have many books on the go, a habit which I am trying to pull myself out of. The past three books that I have read, I have read the entire way through without starting another one… That is personal growth right there people. 😀

I can’t wait to rip open (not literally) and read another one. Reading really helps my writing, it gives me the courage and the motivation to go to my laptop or a notebook (one of many) and just write. Even if it’s about nothing, it’s better to have something and work on it.

I love books… I love them.

What books are on your dresser?




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