I do hope the month of May was kind to you all and I hope that the next month brings you more joy as it seems we shall be having a little more sunshine. Smiles all round πŸ˜ƒ

The book for June that I have chosen, is the latest novel from author Essie Fox.

The Last Days of Leda Grey is about a former silent film actress whose life turns upside down after a breakup turns her into a recluse for the remainder of her life.
Fox’s novels might be different to what you normally read. Usually set in the Victorian era, the novels have a somewhat eerie feeling. I am really looking forward to see how she brings to life the new characters of this book.

I do think that this is a perfect book, for a book club that is interesting in reading different books to what they usually read, as it has quite a few genres all mixed together such as romance, thriller and crime all rolled into one.

Born and raised in Herefordshire, Essie Fox now lives in London. Still writing occasionally through her blog The Virtual Victorian. Definitely one for the book if you are looking for some light reading whilst scrolling through the internet. I first heard of Essie Fox whilst in a lecture during my Creative Writing MA, we were talking about online presence and the importance of creating a world for us to express ourselves through writing a blog. I liked that she wrote about my favourite era, also that she was from my neck of the woods, so that when I read one of her books Elijah’s Mermaid, I was happy to recognize some of the familiar places that the books was set in. It’s always great when you get the see the places you know well wrapped up in literature.

I do not know what to expect from The Last Days of Leda Grey, but I am excited to read and see what happens.

From reading just the synopsis, I can see it might be a little like a mix of Miss Haversham in Great Expectations meets Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. If that is not a recipe for a good romantic mystery then I don’t know what is.

I decided to go for the Kindle edition this time. As much as I love physical copies, we all have to do our bit in helping the environment, I know one person not buying one book will not stop people from cutting down trees that the earth still desperately need but every little helps.

You can find copies of the book at the following websites:

The Last Days of Leda Grey – Waterstones

The Last Days of Leda Grey – Amazon

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