I look at a lot of things that inspire me. It could be on a walk or when I am at work or when I am reading a book (no, I do not troll through books to copy them.) My latest idea came from listening to an Ed Sheeran song. My dissertation idea came from a very strange dream I had.
Anything can inspire you. Here are some of the things I actively seek out for inspiration:

Photos – I love Pexels, because I can search anything that is on my mind and get hundreds of stunning photos appear right before me, so I can scroll to my hearts content. This always gets my imagination running at high speed.


Music – I like to play casual music, very chilled out. I love to listen to playlists. If you type indie playlist into You Tube, several videos will appear from Alex Rainbird. They collect songs and compile them together to create hour long playlists (or longer) for our convenience. It’s perfect just to have in the background.

Alex Rainbird – YOUTUBE

Reading – Every writer should know that if they want to write then they should read. It helps so much and I definitely notice a difference in my writing when I have a good week of reading (sadly there has not been much reading lately.)

Out and About – Getting out of the house can do wonders. Sitting in a coffee shop or a cocktail bar (as I like to do) can help, the things you see and the conversations you over hear can spark up images and scenes in your head that you can easily relate to your stories.
People watching is the best.

As you can see there are lots of things that inspire me. You can often see it in my work whether it is in my characters traits or the similarities in locations of scenes.

So whether you are an author, blogger, songwriter or an artist, what inspires you to do what you do? I want to hear about it. Share the advice.



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