Everyone had their own little reading nooks or special places. Some people like to read in libraries where the silence helps drift off into the amazing worlds of the books we read.
Over the years I have several favourite places that I liked to sit and read. When I was younger I liked to go to the library in school, granted I didn’t  read much, I just sat with an open book chatting to my friends. I like to sit outside with a good novel, only if I am in a comfortable position, that is the most important part. We have to be comfortable to read or we just won’t enjoy the experience. That is why one of my favourite places is in fact my bed. I am always comfortable in bed. Night-time is also a perfect time to read as it is before you fall asleep into the world that you had just read about. Which is exciting. It is always exciting to think that you could be the one in your story.

Other than bed, I have a few other places that are my favourite, for example I like to sit at the castle ruins in the town where I live. Sometimes, it is peaceful to sit there and stare out at the horizon with the waves looking like diamonds, it has a calming effect.
I would love to have a cosy corner in my flat that  can curl up in and enjoy my books, very soon I will be creating one. In front of one of my windows is the perfect spot to place my sofa beds and a lot of blankets and pillows and maybe a few candles (moderately, we don’t want any fires) with that I have easily, and on a low budget created a cosy nook for all of my reading adventures. Creating a nook is easy if you have the right spots to do so, and of course the right amount of blankets. You could even take it one step further and make a canopy like tee pee over the nook. I did this once and felt it was a perfect place to read.

Different people have different ideas of their perfect place to read. Some people only like to read on holiday, which is very good, holidays are a time of relaxation and it’s the same with reading.
According to an article on business insider, when we read we improve our memory, but it also makes us feel super positive. It is also said to to help with our health. So, next time you pick up a book or your phone/kindle, don’t forget to relax and you will reap the mental benefits.

If you want to look for your own perfect place to read but can’t think where, take a look at Pinterest and see what other people have done to give you and idea of what you may like.

Hope you enjoyed



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