If you are like me and are currently on a book buying ban, and are having trouble, take a look at these few things that will help you get through it. I don’t always ban myself, but at the moment I am trying my best to save money, and once I start I will not stop going into the bookshops.
I allow myself to buy a new book every month, but, sadly it doesn’t stop there as I do also have a kindle, and as we all know there prices may be cheap but they do rack up.
So, here are some of the things I do to take my mind off buying books.

  1. Number ONE is, I think an obvious one. Read a book you have, but have not read yet. If you are like me there are plenty of those on your bookshelves. I probably have not read around half of the books on my shelves. Surely, we should be reading these books first before buying new ones.
  2. Number TWO – Are you willing to temporarily blindfold yourself, or even lock yourself away in a tower in the middle of nowhere without stairs… You can change your name to Rapunzel?
  3. Look into new hobbies in your area. For example, I have taken up cross stitching. Cross stitching you say, and no I am not an old woman. It is actually super relaxing, and when you have finished it makes me feel accomplished.
    Dancing always helps as well and long walks (they make you tired so you can’t make it to the book shops)
  4. Get lost in a TV series. There are tons around that would appeal to book lovers, such as Once Upon a Time (Netflix), Gilmore Girls (Netflix), Outlander (Amazon Prime). All of these can easily be binged watched, and it will take a good couple of weeks so by then you should have saved enough money to buy a book if you wanted to.
  5. If you are not strong enough, do not fret, none of us are. If you feel like you must buy a book, go to place such as The Works or Oxfam Book Shop, somewhere that has books. but will do them at a cheaper price, that way, you are still saving, and feeding your addiction at the same time.

Well there you have it, some might not be helpful, one might not be at all helpful. It was really hard for me to think of things to take my mind off books, SHOCK it didn’t work. I love books, and if that means saving up money in a seperate pot solely dedicated to buying books then I will do it.

So, let’s be strong everyone. Stay off bookshop websites, never leave the house unless you can walk with a friend who will actively drag you away (I have these freinds and they always drag me away.) Just remember, you have books that have been unread, let them fulfil their purpose. READ THEM!

Hope you are successful!



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