Okay Everyone!

Now that November is here and Halloween is out of the way, it is now more sociably acceptable to talk about CHRISTMAS. Whether we like it or not, now is the time to be dropping the hints to our loved ones of the gifts we would like to receive and vice versa.

For all of us book lovers out there every little helps. Literary Book Gifts.com is an online shop that sells T-shirts and Tote bags with all of your favourite classic books on the front. All are put together by the small company’s owner and I must say I would be happy to wear any one of them.

One of my favourites is this Tote Bag I love the design and the style of it, the simplicity of the best and worst part of any story. A perfect gift for carrying around all of the books you desire. Available in three sizes small, medium and large, what a great gift to find in your stocking.


The T-shirts are slightly different, each design is available in many colours and many sizes, luckily there is a size guide for us to see which size would be the best for us. HAPPY DAYS! I love how intricate the designs are, they really draw out the classic feels of the book. Just like this one with The Grimm Fairy Tales. The pictures look as if they are coming from smoke, tales that are told around the fire, the images trailing up into the night sky. Beautiful. 67d4e834bc9662d83c30f989af8ecb04_1024x1024@2x (1)

The shirts and the tote bags are all simple yet they you can wear them for both day and night. Keeping your favourite classics close by even if you are out clubbing, a quiet dinner with friends or just tucked up and chilling at home.

Perfect for your book lover friends, family or even a nice pay day treat for yourself. AND, because we know that everyone is tightening their belts for when the mad rush of Christmas shopping begins. So the lovely people at Literary Book Gifts.com have devised a lovely little promo code for anyone interested in buying something. Upon checkout all you have to do is type in TwentySomethingMinds20 this is for 20% off what is in your basket on checkout… exciting times no.

Please remember everyone, that in times like this, supporting small independent businesses is super important. By helping someones livelihood, you are getting something that is not mass produced. It’s a wonderful thing. Please also note that this company is in America, so all of you wishing to order from the UK or Internationally, please allow some time for shipping. It will be worth it, I promise.

Enjoy what this lovely website has to offer. You can find them here



DISCLAIMER: This is a personal blog, although approached by the company, all words are my own. 

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