Does anyone have any books that they love to have on hand to be able to pick up at anytime, or have you seen those picture perfect instagram pictures of peoples coffee tables that have the books neatly placed, and when you look at it it makes you feel you have not been successful in adulting as you look at your own crumb covered, coffee laden, junk on the table. Well I do… but I do have a list of books that if I did have a the perfect table these would be on it.

This is the book I am currently reading, it’s a great book so far. I do love a good vampire, witch, demon story with exciting puzzles to solve and so on. For me, however, I find the chapters to be a little long. If you are not a fan of long chapters I would take this book slowly as sometimes it is hard to focus on what’s happening. Other than that, this book can stay on my coffee table.

Another book that I have on the go at the moment. I am only a few chapters, but as far as I can see it is the perfect young adult book. The chapters are nice and short that make you feel like you can accomplish more chapters in one evening than you can any other book. THUMBS UP FROM ME!! 🙂

I love everything about Outlander, the concept, the characters… just everything. I really like the fiction with reality, the use of legends and myths of some ancient magic of the pagans. I love the romance that Claire (the main character) has in her life and the trials she has to face to be with her true love. It’s a story for older teens and adults though… bit too much sex and violence for the young ones. Still only halfway through the first one though.

This is the book I want to read every Christmas. When December rocks around, I want to take this book off of my shelf and delve into the world of Jo March. The well written difficulties of the time, the joys and the heartache of each of the March sisters make fro a great read. I love the strong personalities of the individual sisters, you cannot get much better than this book. Only the best for the greatest coffee table.

I would also maybe feature my kindle, you know because it has a butt load of other books that I just can’t decide between. It’s always nice to have it around just in case I need more reading material.
Nothing beats a good rainy day sat cwtched up on the sofa with a hot drink, getting all cosy with the characters of  a beloved book.

Which books would feature on your coffee table?



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