How did everyone do with their Goodreads challenge in 2018? I did so badly that I can hardly call myself a bookworm, more like a book-Ant. I do try to keep up with reading habits, unfortunately, this year it’s been more work and sleep rather than work, read, sleep. Last year, I had challenged myself to read 50 books… that didn’t work, I changed it to 30 (which is cheating… I know) which seemed more reasonable… It wasn’t, no way near.

This year, I have started my reading challenge goal at 30. Considering I have a few books on the go at the moment I am hoping to keep up my reading throughout the year.
I am loving Goodreads at the moment. It is a great website/app to keep up with what you have read, or wish to read or are reading currently. It is also a great way to keep in touch with fellow readers or writers through forums that you can join and ask questions about writing… or what you are reading at the moment. Just seems like a great way for the book lovers to have a community together.

Whoever manages to read over 50 books on their reading challenge have my utmost respect, that’s a book a week. When you say it like that it doesn’t seem too far fetched, if you are into the book then it shouldn’t take very long to finish. My record… sad to say was Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series. I think it took me about three to four days. I used to sit in cars (my family members cars, not just random ones) and read for hours, I kept telling myself… one more chapter, one more chapter. It was one chapter after another and before I knew it, I had finished it. Maybe one year I will manage to achieve reading over fifty books in a year, that would possibly mean that I no longer have a job.

So, for everyone embarking on the great and noble quest of the Goodreads Challenge. I wish you all the best… Here are a few things I suggest you include when going forth into your reading depths.

  1. A Comfy nook – There is nothing better than curling up in pillows and blankets, getting all warm and reading a good book.
  2. Comfort Food – Why Not! Just go for it, forget calorie counting, it doesn’t count when you are in another world.
  3. Mood Lighting – FAIRY LIGHTS! All the way, with some fairy lights, it creates a gorgeous ambiance for a room, maybe add a few scented candles in there and BOOM!
  4. Mood Music – Only if you are that way inclined. I know that some people like to have absolute silence when they read, probably why libraries are so popular to book lovers. Me… I love a bit of chilled out music, just in the background. Just a bit of noise for me to drown out. I just feel awkward otherwise. I usually listen to playlists created by AlexRainbird Music on YouTube. They really get me in the mood for anything.

Good Luck to everyone who is setting themselves the goals to go through as many books on you shelves as you can… I will be doing my best also 😀 I’d love to hear the targets you’re setting yourselves.



Disclaimer: This is not a collaboration, all words and thoughts are my own. 

2 Comments on “Goodreads 2019!

  1. I had mine set at 52, and ended up only reading around 25, so you’re definitely not alone. I’m feeling more determined this year to get some reading in, so I’ve somewhat crazily gone for 52 again. Your list of reading suggestions is great. Maybe moonlighting is what I need 😄. Good luck with your goal!


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