How sad are we that Christmas is actually officially over!!! I mean literally they are already stocking Easter eggs and it isn’t even the end of January. How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope everyone got everything they asked for and more.

This year, I did not go home for a Christmas with my family, which is what I usually do around the 23rd of December. Instead I spent this year with my partner Mikey in our cosy little flat next to the seaside. It was a lovely day of relaxation. It was also a time for us to try new things, to hopefully create traditions of our own that we can carry on over the years. Last year, like a few people, I read about a custom in Iceland, that came around in 1944, which I absolutely fell I fell in love with, and poor Mikey had to hear about it for several months at least.

So, in Iceland, their is a tradition that on Christmas eve, people gift books to each other. Then for the rest of the evening, they get all cosied up next to a fire (I am imagining that there is a fire as it must be quite cold in Iceland) and spend the night reading.


This tradition is called Jolabokaflod, it can be roughly into English as ‘The Christmas Flood.’ After trying to find out how to pronounce this word it seems that it is very similar to how it reads except the J sounds more like a Y.
It all started, like I said, in 1944 when everything was in short supply and necessities are being rationed out. Paper was one of the substances that were not in demand. So the government sent out a book bulletin, so that people could order books for their loved ones to exchange on Christmas Eve.

This has been carried on ever since that year. How lovely! I am in love with this tradition.

So, this year after multiple no’s, Mikey sneakily got me The Nutcracker written by E. A Hoffman. Now, I have loved the story of The Nutcracker ever since I saw the ballet when I was a little girl, and now I can read it every year around Christmas. It took one or two visits to the bookshop hinting towards this one… Boy can take a hint!
It was a good thing that he had bought me a book, probably because he knew that I had already done the same and bought him a copy of The Last Shot written by Daniel Jose Older, it is a spin off from the Star Wars franchise, centering around Han Solo and Captain Lando.


I absolutely can’t wait for next year to exchange books once again. Jolabokaflod has integrated itself into our lives as one of our first traditions that we can carry on,

Got to love a good tradition!
Do you have any Christmas Traditions?



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