The Point of View of a novel, will set the tone for the entire book, so it’s very important that the right one is picked.
One of the things that I struggle with the most, as a writer beginning a new story, is from which point of view I would like to tell it from. I am bombarded with questions that I ask myself regarding the plot, the characters, the setting. Would it be better being told by a narrator? therefore many points of view would be included…
Do I go for just one characters point of view?
Only the writer can answer these questions. (Unfortunately for me, as I cannot make a decision at all.)  I like to go through the story and just try a few different ways of writing to see which direction is better for me to go in, and that will tell the story better.
I tend to write in the 1st person, as I find it easier to talk as if I am the character, rather than telling the reader what the characters are doing. Therefore, I can act it out myself as I am planning the scene/chapter. (Puts my drama degree to good use.)
However, I know that for some authors it is better to tell it as if they are narrating the story, or even a character is narrating.
I cannot stress how much it is all for the writers preference.

Several authors do mix it up, they write from different points of view in each they book they write, whereas some tend to stick with what they know. For me, it depends on how easier it is for me to make sure the reader feels involved in the plot. It can make all of the difference. For example, I am working on several novels – One is a story about loss and focuses on the emotions and thoughts of one character, so I am writing that in the 1st person. – Another, is about four friends who we see grow up together and face different challenges, for this one I have chosen to write it in 1st person Narrative, from one of the main characters point of views, as if he is writing the story in his later years, reminiscing his younger years.
Readers want to be dragged out of reality for an hour or two, and for me the less characters to focus on the better. That way, it is fewer voices that need to be heard and understood by the reader. It is why I find some of the classic novels difficult to get through just because there are a lot of filler characters that distract me and then I don’t know what is happening to who. It distracts me from the main plot. (Then again I am easily distracted)

The long and short of it is, there are a lot of different points of view that you can write in, it just all depends on what type of writer you are and the type of writer you are. It all makes a huge difference to help create the story you want.

If you would like to read more on this subject, might I suggest Writers Digest, it helped me understand many of these aspects myself.

To all of those reading who are writers, I would love to know which point of view you like to write from.



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