Every writer is sure to have a Notebook… or many if you are a stationary hoarder like myself. A notebook to take with us everywhere, so you are able to write down everything that comes into our head that would be good in a book, or a short story, or for some writers, poems (I am beyond useless at poetry.)

Just over a year ago, one of my best friends Holly introduced me to Bullet Journals. Now for those who don’t know what that is, it is basically a notebook, that becomes EVERYTHING! You can do anything with it and make it personal to just yourself. A blank page can be many things and you can create it. This is great for creative and non creative people, as it is a way to let your mind run wild. It can completely reflect your personality and that is why I love it.
It is essentially, a place for you to keep absolutely everything in your life in one place. It is a diary, a health tracker, a work tracker, a target tracker. Anything you can think of.

For me, it is The Notebook. The place I can keep all of my ideas, brainstorms, character profiles all of it, all in a small compact manner, that I can take with me anywhere and everywhere. It’s not something I update very often, most of the pages are in pencil rather than beautiful colours bursting from the pages like some that I see on Instagram or Pinterest. The most important thing though, is that it suits me.

So, in my Bullet Journal, I have pages dedicated to things such as; words I hear while out and about, quotes from favourite authors, (there are a lot of Lord of the Rings quotes) books and films that I have read and want to read, and descriptions of characters and scenes that I wish to involve in my stories. It is the best way for me to arrange everything and to organise myself, in a way that benefits me and that can help me focus properly. I never seem to be able to when I have diaries that I forget I have. Organiser’s in themselves are quite expensive for printed pieces of paper that reflect someone who you want to be. Whereas, a Bullet Journal reflects who you are right now. I love it.

Some of the pages that you can include in your own Writers Bullet Journal are:

  • Books that you want to read.
  • Names for your characters.
  • Words to express different emotions.
  • Synonyms.
  • Interesting words that you don’t usually use.
  • How to write a review (I have this one to help me remember)
  • Important grammar points to remember.
  • Character profiles.
  • Places that you could use for scenes.
  • Chapter Tracker (How many chapters are in your novel and how many have you finished)
  • Brainstorms.
  • Basically anything that you find in books to help you write.


There are many other pages that you can add to your journal, some that I have just haven’t created. It is important that you don’t feel bad for not writing in it everyday or keeping up with the filling it out in detail. As long as everything is all together you can’t go wrong.

Thank you Holly for introducing me to this godsend.
Do you have a Bullet Journal… or a very special Writers Notebook? What do you include in it?



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