We all have a favourite book, some of us book dragons like to live the events of that book. One of my friends loves having themed parties, she can’t get enough of them, and for someone who doesn’t like to read a lot, she uses an awful lot of book themes for them. Her last one was a Harry Potter themed party. Now, who can say that that isn’t awesome… honestly.
If you like parties with themes and have a special liking to books, let’s take a look at some books that could be great ideas for those parties you want to be extra special:

Well, if you don’t like to beat around the bush why not have an all around book themed party, just put all of your favourite books piled up in corners of the room, on tables. Go ahead and cover the TV with books. You could hang bunting with books printed on them all over, accompanied with fairy lights as well of course. Tell your guests to come dressed as their favourite characters. You can even find beautiful cake designs for books lovers on Pinterest (got to love a bit of Pinterest) This would be just a nice all around idea for your party.

One of my best friends hosted a Harry Potter themed birthday party a couple of years ago and it was incredible. The decorating was so secretive, that no one was allowed to see the flat until it had all been decorated, and anyone who knows my friend, you know she is not a force to be reckoned with. Anyway when we arrived back at the flat, the whole place had been turned upside down and turned into a Harry Potter wonderland. There were envelopes with addresses hanging from the hallway ceiling and hanging in the doorway to the lounge was a sheet with the wall at platform 9 3/4. We had cupcakes that told us what house we would be in. It was an incredible party, most of the ideas were found on Pinterest so if you love Harry Potter, make your next party dedicated to the world of our generations favourite boy wizard.

Straight out of an Agatha Christie novel… you can get packs for murder mystery role plays online, but you know what, it’s so exciting to create your own. Your guests will feel like a version of Poirot or Miss Marple – everyone knows that they are legends. Dress up in your best 1920’s dress, suits with the fedoras and those beautiful flapper dresses. This will give that extra bit of class and elegance to your party if that is how you roll. Plant little clues around your flat, house or bedroom and let your guests work out who you have created the killer to be.

It’s your birthday… and what better way to celebrate getting older than relieving your childhood. As always, ask your guests to turn up as their favourite Fairytale characters… could be Goldilocks or one of the three bears, even one of the Disney characters (they all came from Fairytales, so why not.) This is a great chance to be super creative you can have little mushrooms and cutouts of woodland creatures everywhere. You could even have a photo booth were your guests stand behind a mirror that says the famous line ‘Mirror Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all’. It’s scary that all of these ideas that you can come up with are thanks to social media and the internet. GO WILD WITH YOUR IMAGINATION!


There’s just a few to get you all started. Let me know if you have thought of your own book themed party. SHARE THE IDEAS!



Featured image courtesy of Alex Stuart

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