Unread books are an epidemic in my house. I would like to maybe get my teeth into them and then I can feels a sense of accomplishment when they are finally finished. Here are some of them:


This is the book that is currently on my bedside table and the book I take everywhere. I am loving the story of Celaena Sardothien and her friends. I was worried at the beginning of this book that I wouldn’t see Chaol Westfall in the rest of the series, but thank god. He has to be my new fictional crush. (Guessing I like the soldier type) Each book just gets better and I am finally staying up later so I can ‘finish one more chapter!’ It’s always just one more chapter.


I have become quite addicted with the TV series of Matthew and Diana’s budding relationship. (What can I say, Theresa Palmer and Matthew Goode are amazing) Now, I want to be addicted to the book, however, the chapters area little long for my liking. I will persevere because the story, the plot and the characters are just too brilliant. I want to know more.


After I went to Europe to travel for a few weeks, I became obsessed with travel books. I wanted to know more of the places that I could add to my bucket list, but I didn’t want to read boring versions of someone else’s travels. I had heard good things about Bill Bryson and I wanted to give him a go. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this book again. It’s nice to hear about different experiences in the same places that I went to only just a few years ago.


Now, everyone knows that this is an iconic film, but it is also an iconic book which is a favourite for many. I have always loved strong female characters which is probably why I write female characters more than male, and with the backdrop of the American civil war it’s interesting. I love history, so what a perfect book to read. It is on my bookshelf so it will be read.

Knowing me and my sometimes crazy schedules I most likely will not get through half of these, but we shall see, I may surprise myself.
Do you have any book you want to read for the month of June. Those who read more than four in a month I salute you.




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