Like a lot of other readers i’m sure, I love a good book. I like to hold something physical in my hands and to watch the bookmark make its way further and further until it reaches the satisfying end. It is one of the best feelings to see it, the feeling of accomplishment.

Kindle’s, however, are admittedly much better for the environment as we are not cutting down the trees for the paper. Now, when I eventually finish my novels and hopefully get them published, I would love to have the printers use recycled paper, if that is possible at all. Or, I would attempt to plant as many new trees as I possibly could (not that I think my books will be in such demand to require a forest load of trees.)
Then on the other hand, with kindles, we have to charge them, using electricity which hardly helps our carbon footprints. I don’t think that we can when in this day and age when we are trying to help earth fight against the global warming epidemic. Unless, companies start making solar powered kindles (would mean that several countries, including Wales would be screwed during the winter months, and some of our summer days too.

The question is: As books lovers, are we really helping ourselves for the future. I have put myself on a book buying ban for the moment, so that I can finish the books that I already have on my bookshelf at the moment. It seems that I love buying books faster than I can read them. It’s about time that I show the love to all of the my other books.
I do think that kindles are super handy when travelling, it is probable the biggest reason why I bought my kindle from amazon, I wanted to be able to take a book or two travelling with me fro about five weeks, but I also did not want the weight of maybe two to three books. It was great to have so many books at just a touch of a screen.

What would you say are your thoughts on this topic? Have you given it much thought? Do you prefer using a kindle because it is convenient and in a way better than a physical form?
I feel as if we can make a difference with this, however, whether it will all come into fruition is unknown to us until it happens. What we can do is just do our best, to make sure that we are giving back to nature as best as we can while we take away something that we need for our environment to survive.

So… basically, I like both.  I would love to know what you think about this subject.



2 Comments on “Books VS Kindle

  1. Books… always and forever. I have given Kindle a go, and while convinent, pixels on a screen simply can’t compete with the magic of ink on paper or the heartbeat quickening excitment of finally holding a book you have been searching so long for. Yes, cutting down trees is problematic, but I agree with the idea of planting seeds to offset the environmental damage.


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