Creative Writer MA Graduate // Theatre and Film Graduate // 25 // Film Lover // Book Enthusiast // Fiction Writer


I like to write about many things that interest me such as Travel, Films, the weird and crazy things that only children are brave enough to ask.

Mainly, I like to write about books, and the writing that inspires my own creative flow. There is something about opening up a fresh new book, new to your eyes. I usually feel something that opens up in my brain, ready to devour the words and story that many others have loved.

Some of my favourite authors include J.R.R Tolkien (Legend) J.K. Rowling, Jojo Moyes and more recently Erica Johanssen. There books inspire me to explore new ways of writing some of my favourite genres. Unfortunately, I have yet to pick one genre that I want to write forever, I want to write them all… ALL!!!!!

Disclaimer: All words are my own, all thoughts are my own, research may be taken out via internet pages, books and films.

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