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Childhood Libraries

The summers of my childhood were usually spent in wild abandonment, spending every other night at a friends, or roaming the town looking for an adventure. I never found a more adventurous place than the local library. The best part of my day, would be the long winded pleading with my mum to take me, just to get a new book so that I … Read More Childhood Libraries


Top Five Heroines

I love reading all different types of books, with all different types of characters, but most of all, I love to read books with a strong female heroine. One, that I can mould in my minds eye to see as myself. Here are just a few that really stand out to me and have become some of the most inspirational women in my life… … Read More Top Five Heroines

Books I would like to see as Feature Films!

Books are usually the foundation for any screenplay that will cross the desk of a producer. There are some books that I read which I know should be and would be amazing on the big screen. But unfortunately, they may never be known to most of the population who may not read many books. Which is sad, there are many books out there which … Read More Books I would like to see as Feature Films!


Review – Whale Rider

Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera is a novel about a Maori tribe who used to hunt whales until an ancestor of the tribe experienced something that made him change the tribes ways to protect the giants of the sea instead. The story is told by the son of the current leader following his niece Kahu from birth and through her childhood, being rejected by … Read More Review – Whale Rider


Books VS Kindle

Like a lot of other readers i’m sure, I love a good book. I like to hold something physical in my hands and to watch the bookmark make its way further and further until it reaches the satisfying end. It is one of the best feelings to see it, the feeling of accomplishment. Kindle’s, however, are admittedly much better for the environment as we … Read More Books VS Kindle