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What Inspires you!

I look at a lot of things that inspire me. It could be on a walk or when I am at work or when I am reading a book (no, I do not troll through books to copy them.) My latest idea came from listening to an Ed Sheeran song. My dissertation idea came from a very strange dream I had. Anything can inspire … Read More What Inspires you!

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Libertines – A cocktail for everyone

Have you ever felt like you are in the middle of nowhere, far away from the bright lights and bustling places… well I have. A lot of my friends live in London, and whenever I go to visit we always seem to find a cosy place that sell deliciously alcoholic cocktails. So, whenever I find that I miss my friends, I suggest a few … Read More Libertines – A cocktail for everyone


Ask Away: Whats the difference between a forest and a jungle?

So I have been asked this question by my Aunt so many times since I started writing these odd little pieces. I think it’s time I got round to it. What is the difference between a Forest and a Jungle? My sources, (known as Google) showed me several articles as to why there is a difference. Jungle in the dictionary is described as : … Read More Ask Away: Whats the difference between a forest and a jungle?


Artists I am loving at the moment!

I have got a secret… I have always wanted to be good at art. I did try, but I lacked the finesse of brush strokes or the perfection of shading. To be honest, I would get bored of my own lack of creativeness. I guess I am better with words than with paint. However! I do have the greatest appreciation to those amazing people, … Read More Artists I am loving at the moment!



HAPPY NEW YEAR! One and all. 2017 is officially over, we are now in the grand old age of 2018! I am back, (hopefully better than ever) ready to kick 2018 off with a bang. A lot has changed over the year, mostly for the better and I am better for it. Luckily, I get to spend it with my partner, who is my … Read More HAPPY NEW YEAR! – 2018



A few weeks ago, myself, my brother and my mum were invited out to Yorkshire to celebrate a family friends birthday. Of course we accepted the invite and made the journey into the mostly flat land of Northern England. Anything for a good old knees up 🙂 My mother (the savage) decided that yes, it would be a magnificent idea to wake up at … Read More Yorkshire!


Curtain Call is 10 years old!

Almost two weeks ago Aberystwyth was swarmed with Curtain Call members, new and old. They came for a celebration. Curtain Call is TEN years old. We would rehearse in the day and party at night like the next day didn’t matter. The feeling we all had to see our old friends, for the old to meet new friends was fantastic. It had been a … Read More Curtain Call is 10 years old!


Hens take over Liverpool

Just over eleven years ago, I was in my first year of Secondary School. In that year I met this really random girl. She was called Sophie (I know four Sophie’s.) Now to begin with I thought this girl was super weird, due to the fact that she used to stare over her shoulder at my work in art class. Weird right. I don’t … Read More Hens take over Liverpool


A Students Guide to Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth, a beautiful, scenic seaside town. A place that once you have been to, you will never want to leave… well, maybe after three years of gruelling University, but guaranteed you will miss it and even want to return once in a while. Situated in the middle of the welsh coastline, Aberystwyth is the perfect student town. With an abundance of shops for the … Read More A Students Guide to Aberystwyth

Happy Days :D

The past few days/week have been continuously giving me cause to CELEBRATE!!!!!! Firstly Happy Birthday to my lush Mumma who turns 21 again TODAY!!!!! Hope she is having an amazing day and enjoys all her cake and presents 😀 Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx Secondly CONGRATULATIONS to one of my closest friends and ex-housemate the stunning Laura Jessop and her new fiance!!!! How mad … Read More Happy Days 😀

Busy, Busy Bee :)

Hello Everyone, I am so awful for not posting anything in the last few weeks, I have been super busy with University. I have just completed a 5000 word essay and honestly I hope I never do another one. I am doing a Creative Writing course so I barely have to write anything that requires me to actually think like a brain box. I … Read More Busy, Busy Bee 🙂