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What Inspires you!

I look at a lot of things that inspire me. It could be on a walk or when I am at work or when I am reading a book (no, I do not troll through books to copy them.) My latest idea came from listening to an Ed Sheeran song. My dissertation idea came from a very strange dream I had. Anything can inspire … Read More What Inspires you!

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Libertines – A cocktail for everyone

Have you ever felt like you are in the middle of nowhere, far away from the bright lights and bustling places… well I have. A lot of my friends live in London, and whenever I go to visit we always seem to find a cosy place that sell deliciously alcoholic cocktails. So, whenever I find that I miss my friends, I suggest a few … Read More Libertines – A cocktail for everyone


Ask Away: Whats the difference between a forest and a jungle?

So I have been asked this question by my Aunt so many times since I started writing these odd little pieces. I think it’s time I got round to it. What is the difference between a Forest and a Jungle? My sources, (known as Google) showed me several articles as to why there is a difference. Jungle in the dictionary is described as : … Read More Ask Away: Whats the difference between a forest and a jungle?


Artists I am loving at the moment!

I have got a secret… I have always wanted to be good at art. I did try, but I lacked the finesse of brush strokes or the perfection of shading. To be honest, I would get bored of my own lack of creativeness. I guess I am better with words than with paint. However! I do have the greatest appreciation to those amazing people, … Read More Artists I am loving at the moment!