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My Travels :D – Pompei

On one of my days in beautiful Roma, I decided to take a long awaited trip to the historic city of Pompeii. Luckily there was a bus trip to the city from the campsite I was staying at. For many years I have looked at the history of Pompeii and learnt many things. I have since then longed to see the site of Vesuvius’ … Read More My Travels 😀 – Pompei

My Travels! – Rome – Part 2 :D

After my terrifying stormy night, Morgan and I jumped on the campsite bus (which I was late for) and headed to Vatican City, just a short twenty minutes away from where we were staying. It was my goal to see the Sistine Chapel by the end of the day. The journey didn’t take very long, and when we arrived they had dropped us all … Read More My Travels! – Rome – Part 2 😀

My Travels :D – Rome

When choosing my destinations for my trip, some cities were easier to pick than others. Rome was a definite. I love Italy and I wanted to spend as much time as I could exploring the gorgeous cities. I decided there was too much to see in my favourite capitol so I had to stay a little longer than the other places. I stayed in … Read More My Travels 😀 – Rome

My Travels :D – VENICE

My next stop on the best bus journey of a lifetime was the magical, VENICE! I adore Italy and have always longed to go on holiday here so when the tour guide said we had crossed the border and were now in Italy, safe to say I was jumping for joy (albeit quietly) in my seat. When we got to the campsite where I … Read More My Travels 😀 – VENICE

My Travels :D – Vienna

Vienna waits for you… Yes it certainly does. Vienna. Words cannot describe how gorgeous this city is, another place where I felt perfectly safe just walking around. It was how I imagine Paris to be. Very weird that I felt like I was in a French city when actually in an Austrian one. By this time on my travels I was getting bored of … Read More My Travels 😀 – Vienna