I’ve recently been getting back into all the fairy tales I’m sure we all know an have know since childhood… None of us can say that we haven’t thought of what it would be like to be in a fairytale… All the young girls looking for their Prince Charming… Boys looking for a damsel in distress to rescue and to be the hero… We have all thought that our fathers new wife was an evil stepmother who would lock is away and make us cook and clean. And it makes me smile how there are still stories that make todays generation think all of these things. They have the same impact and messages, they have the power to make us think differently they will capture us from the moment we read the words and they will not let us go even when we are older and have outgrown them. I’m 21 yet I am still in love with the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, even little red riding hood. I love going to see pantomimes that recreate the beloved stories of my childhood. I even still love watching the animations that disney releases taking the stories and making the character come alive on screen.
All the best things come in the small things and these stories definitely have a lot to offer in that sense. They can make anyone feel better 😃 Long live fairytales as we know them .


Two o clock musings on photographs

It two o’clock in the morning, a particularly cold morning but underneath my blanket I am nice a cosy. My body is telling me quite fervently that it’s long since an appropriate bedtime but my mind is going crazy… I opened my eyes to the sight of my wall of photos and as I looked at all of them singularly and then as a whole I started to wonder why I have such a desire to immortalise moments in my life… Even when that moment is not special, it’s not important to the fabrication of my life but then I thought, of course they are. Maybe not to anyone else but to me these are the photos that I will be able to show my children and grandchildren and tell them about the fantastic people who are in them whether they are friends or family. I take photos so that when I am old and can’t remember things like I used to. I can sit back and look at my photos and think yeah that was a good day. I will remember how I was feeling, if I was happy or sad. I know things like selfies are annoying when people constantly do them but they are just ways of immortalising ourselves so that in that one moment we will always look like that and feel the way we did. I am thankful for my photographs, I would never ever give them up. It just shows how many people there are that I love enough to look at everyday and that makes me happy… Hooray for selfies… And hooray for crazy photographers hell bent on capturing moments non stop.

Here are two of some of my favourite photos…



What to do now i’m a Graduate??

So I graduated a few months ago now and the question that I have been asked the most since that day is…. What are you doing now??? Well I thought it would be obvious when I’m in work when they ask me… working. But in all seriousness… in the long run, I seriously have no idea. I know I am moving to London to see if I can make something of myself instead of being stuck in a sleepy town having given up.
Most of my friends are still in University or already in London applying for jobs, getting agents and castings, and in all honesty I’m scared. What if I crash and burn when I’m there and have to move back. I would feel so embarrassed. I know I will have people to keep me going and give me the confidence to do all the things I should be, but I have recently learned that I cannot keep relying on other people to help me. I need to help myself and by that I mean doing anything I can to get what I want.

The questions that haunts me now though is WHAT??? what do I want to do with my life, do I want to do what i went to Uni for and that’s directing, do I want to act, do I want to write (well I will always be a writer) or do I want to pursue any of these things anymore. I have been thinking lately of the PR side of things. I think I would have to quote Billy Elliot at this point “It’s like that there’s music, playing in your ear, but the music is impossible, impossible to hear” It just about sums up how I feel, as soon as I have my heart set upon something, something else comes along and changes my mind HOW ANNOYING.

I suppose that when the time comes to it I will have to man up and the face the music. I plan to get a job, just a job anywhere and see what path it takes me on, but either way I will have tried and somewhere down the line I will find what I have always wanted to do, and unfortunately it won’t be any of my childhood professions, Spy, Artist (my drawing sucks, no matter how much I practice) Inventer (my track record with technology is sooooo not good)
At the moment I am very happy sticking with the things that I love the most and that all happens in the comfort of my own home. I’ll start worrying properly after Christmas.10475589_648052945291477_4206106380534550628_n