My Fictional Bucket List

Have you ever read a book and thought that it would be fun to do one thing that was the characters hobby. To jump into the book and follow your favourite literary characters around for one day as if they were your best friends. What would you do?
Unfortunately, I have so many, but here are a few to get your bookish minds racing.

  1. An ultimate dream of mine is to go to Middle Earth and hand around in some of the choice places, The Shire and Rivendell being just two of them. I would love to meet some hobbits and elves, how incredible would that be.
  2. The next would probably be to attend a ball with the popular Bennett sisters from Jane Austins novel. They seem to be like women in the know of where the best parties are and who are the most eligible bachelors at all of them.
  3. Recently, I have been reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, and I just love the connection between the protagonist Celeana Sardothien and the Captain of the Guard Chaol Westfall, to join them on one of their training days I think would be fun… (I would be soooo far behind them and dead in the first five minutes.)
  4. When I was 12 I watched as a young girl from my favourite children’s book walked into a wardrobe and my entire childhood came to life. I would love to be able to walk through the wardrobe, through the fur coats and come out in Narnia. What an absolute dream.
  5. I have been called many things in my life… Mad being one of them, and where do the mad people go… Well the Hatters Tea Party that’s where. I have a little secret… I always wanted to stumble on a rabbit and follow him down a hole into Wonderland. Even though, it did get a little weird, I like weird.
  6. What a treat would it be to have a writing session with literature’s favourite authoress, Jo March from Little Women would have a thing or two to say about my writing and I would love to hear every single one.
  7. Having a shopping trip with the fashionista of the modern fiction world. Lou Clarke would help me make my wardrobe go from plain and simple clothes to colourful, budgeted and different pieces of art. That would be quite something.
  8. Any person who grew up reading Harry Potter would most likely have this down on their fictional bucket list. I would love to go to Hogwarts, even for one day and attend classes with the brightest witch of their age… Hermionie Granger.
  9. F. Scott Fitzgerald brought us the colourful and exciting world of J. Gatsby, to be at just one of the extravagant parties that he would throw to catch the eye of the one he loves would just be an experience beyond them all.
  10. My inner child would feel completed if the boy who never grows up turned up at my window… Neverland is my ultimate travel destination. Sadly, Peter Pan would probably think i’m a little old at the moment to share his adventures.
  11. Lastly, (because I could go on forever) I would love to have a different type of magic lesson, this time with the amazing Merlin and his student Wart. To even be included in the legend would be incredible.

11 items on my fictional bucket list, and all of them I would do in a heartbeat if I had the option. I love that books can do this to us, they can take us away from our seemingly mundane life and give us a purpose even if it is only for a couple of hours a day. That’s why I read. To experience the impossible.

What would be on your fictional bucket list?




My Favourite Book Covers

We all know the saying… Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! But how can we help it. It’s in our brain pattern to immediately judge something or someone by first glance. So, I embrace it. I do look at the cover, but I also look at the title and then the blurb on the back. They all help me to decide which one I would like to pick up and read next.

There are several things that you should consider when doing this;
– You cannot be too judgmental at all, that is not the right thing at all.
– Always look at the genre as well. It could be an amazing cover, but it could be a horror book, and if you don’t like horror then you’re screwed.
Here are some of my favourite covers:

Elijah’s Mermaid & The Somnambulist – Essie Fox

It wouldn’t be right to judge these covers seperately because they are both incredible. I first heard of Essie Fox in one of my lectures in my MA first year. The speaker was talking to us about online presence, and how important it is for a writer. It is one of the reasons that I wanted to start my blog and write a bit more. The speaker used Essie Fox as an example. You can find her blog HERE. I love these covers which were designed by her very talented daughter. It immediately draws you in and you are intrigued by what it could be about. All I wanted to do for days was to get my hands on just a copy of one of her books. The design just resembles the story so well. I love, I love, I love.


Falling Leaves –  Stefan Mohammed

Stefans fourth novel Falling Leaves has a beautiful cover. It is so different from is other novels. The beautiful watercolour style background of the sky gives me all of the arty vibes, you also notice the hoard of birds flying away, genuinely reminds me of a Hitchcock film, just the right amount of suspense. I love Stefan’s writing and the cover just adds the colour to my Kindle.


Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

I must say I am loving this cover of the first in the series of Adarlin’s Assassin. As with the others in the set we can see the protagonist on the cover in a badass pose, but if you flip the book over you can see the same pose but when she is in finer clothing. I love what it says about the character straight away before you even open the book. No matter how she dresses she will always be the same person. Of course I could have interpreted it differently as to what the publisher and cover artist intended, but wow I just love how awesome it makes the character look.


Penguin Classics – Cloth-bound Collection

Many of you, i’m sure will have  seen the leather and cloth-bound classic collection that brightens up the shelves of Waterstones. I adore them, they make me feel as if I am in the classic novel with them, with the old hardback covers and the thin tissue like paper pages. However, these pages are nice and thick, so, not even I (a very clumsy person) can’t rip or damage. You can find on instagram some photos of all of the cloth-bound classics all together. It really is a thing of beauty.
The books are beautiful gifts for any book lover, a keepsake of their favourite classic novel. It’s also a perfect cover to allow readers not to judge by the usual inviting and colourful pictures, these books don’t have that and I just want them all.








Why my Bullet Journal is SO important to me!

Every writer is sure to have a Notebook… or many if you are a stationary hoarder like myself. A notebook to take with us everywhere, so you are able to write down everything that comes into our head that would be good in a book, or a short story, or for some writers, poems (I am beyond useless at poetry.)

Just over a year ago, one of my best friends Holly introduced me to Bullet Journals. Now for those who don’t know what that is, it is basically a notebook, that becomes EVERYTHING! You can do anything with it and make it personal to just yourself. A blank page can be many things and you can create it. This is great for creative and non creative people, as it is a way to let your mind run wild. It can completely reflect your personality and that is why I love it.
It is essentially, a place for you to keep absolutely everything in your life in one place. It is a diary, a health tracker, a work tracker, a target tracker. Anything you can think of.

For me, it is The Notebook. The place I can keep all of my ideas, brainstorms, character profiles all of it, all in a small compact manner, that I can take with me anywhere and everywhere. It’s not something I update very often, most of the pages are in pencil rather than beautiful colours bursting from the pages like some that I see on Instagram or Pinterest. The most important thing though, is that it suits me.

So, in my Bullet Journal, I have pages dedicated to things such as; words I hear while out and about, quotes from favourite authors, (there are a lot of Lord of the Rings quotes) books and films that I have read and want to read, and descriptions of characters and scenes that I wish to involve in my stories. It is the best way for me to arrange everything and to organise myself, in a way that benefits me and that can help me focus properly. I never seem to be able to when I have diaries that I forget I have. Organiser’s in themselves are quite expensive for printed pieces of paper that reflect someone who you want to be. Whereas, a Bullet Journal reflects who you are right now. I love it.

Some of the pages that you can include in your own Writers Bullet Journal are:

  • Books that you want to read.
  • Names for your characters.
  • Words to express different emotions.
  • Synonyms.
  • Interesting words that you don’t usually use.
  • How to write a review (I have this one to help me remember)
  • Important grammar points to remember.
  • Character profiles.
  • Places that you could use for scenes.
  • Chapter Tracker (How many chapters are in your novel and how many have you finished)
  • Brainstorms.
  • Basically anything that you find in books to help you write.


There are many other pages that you can add to your journal, some that I have just haven’t created. It is important that you don’t feel bad for not writing in it everyday or keeping up with the filling it out in detail. As long as everything is all together you can’t go wrong.

Thank you Holly for introducing me to this godsend.
Do you have a Bullet Journal… or a very special Writers Notebook? What do you include in it?




Writing in Whose POV

The Point of View of a novel, will set the tone for the entire book, so it’s very important that the right one is picked.
One of the things that I struggle with the most, as a writer beginning a new story, is from which point of view I would like to tell it from. I am bombarded with questions that I ask myself regarding the plot, the characters, the setting. Would it be better being told by a narrator? therefore many points of view would be included…
Do I go for just one characters point of view?
Only the writer can answer these questions. (Unfortunately for me, as I cannot make a decision at all.)  I like to go through the story and just try a few different ways of writing to see which direction is better for me to go in, and that will tell the story better.
I tend to write in the 1st person, as I find it easier to talk as if I am the character, rather than telling the reader what the characters are doing. Therefore, I can act it out myself as I am planning the scene/chapter. (Puts my drama degree to good use.)
However, I know that for some authors it is better to tell it as if they are narrating the story, or even a character is narrating.
I cannot stress how much it is all for the writers preference.

Several authors do mix it up, they write from different points of view in each they book they write, whereas some tend to stick with what they know. For me, it depends on how easier it is for me to make sure the reader feels involved in the plot. It can make all of the difference. For example, I am working on several novels – One is a story about loss and focuses on the emotions and thoughts of one character, so I am writing that in the 1st person. – Another, is about four friends who we see grow up together and face different challenges, for this one I have chosen to write it in 1st person Narrative, from one of the main characters point of views, as if he is writing the story in his later years, reminiscing his younger years.
Readers want to be dragged out of reality for an hour or two, and for me the less characters to focus on the better. That way, it is fewer voices that need to be heard and understood by the reader. It is why I find some of the classic novels difficult to get through just because there are a lot of filler characters that distract me and then I don’t know what is happening to who. It distracts me from the main plot. (Then again I am easily distracted)

The long and short of it is, there are a lot of different points of view that you can write in, it just all depends on what type of writer you are and the type of writer you are. It all makes a huge difference to help create the story you want.

If you would like to read more on this subject, might I suggest Writers Digest, it helped me understand many of these aspects myself.

To all of those reading who are writers, I would love to know which point of view you like to write from.




Christmas Eve Books!!

How sad are we that Christmas is actually officially over!!! I mean literally they are already stocking Easter eggs and it isn’t even the end of January. How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope everyone got everything they asked for and more.

This year, I did not go home for a Christmas with my family, which is what I usually do around the 23rd of December. Instead I spent this year with my partner Mikey in our cosy little flat next to the seaside. It was a lovely day of relaxation. It was also a time for us to try new things, to hopefully create traditions of our own that we can carry on over the years. Last year, like a few people, I read about a custom in Iceland, that came around in 1944, which I absolutely fell I fell in love with, and poor Mikey had to hear about it for several months at least.

So, in Iceland, their is a tradition that on Christmas eve, people gift books to each other. Then for the rest of the evening, they get all cosied up next to a fire (I am imagining that there is a fire as it must be quite cold in Iceland) and spend the night reading.


This tradition is called Jolabokaflod, it can be roughly into English as ‘The Christmas Flood.’ After trying to find out how to pronounce this word it seems that it is very similar to how it reads except the J sounds more like a Y.
It all started, like I said, in 1944 when everything was in short supply and necessities are being rationed out. Paper was one of the substances that were not in demand. So the government sent out a book bulletin, so that people could order books for their loved ones to exchange on Christmas Eve.

This has been carried on ever since that year. How lovely! I am in love with this tradition.

So, this year after multiple no’s, Mikey sneakily got me The Nutcracker written by E. A Hoffman. Now, I have loved the story of The Nutcracker ever since I saw the ballet when I was a little girl, and now I can read it every year around Christmas. It took one or two visits to the bookshop hinting towards this one… Boy can take a hint!
It was a good thing that he had bought me a book, probably because he knew that I had already done the same and bought him a copy of The Last Shot written by Daniel Jose Older, it is a spin off from the Star Wars franchise, centering around Han Solo and Captain Lando.


I absolutely can’t wait for next year to exchange books once again. Jolabokaflod has integrated itself into our lives as one of our first traditions that we can carry on,

Got to love a good tradition!
Do you have any Christmas Traditions?




Goodreads 2019!

How did everyone do with their Goodreads challenge in 2018? I did so badly that I can hardly call myself a bookworm, more like a book-Ant. I do try to keep up with reading habits, unfortunately, this year it’s been more work and sleep rather than work, read, sleep. Last year, I had challenged myself to read 50 books… that didn’t work, I changed it to 30 (which is cheating… I know) which seemed more reasonable… It wasn’t, no way near.

This year, I have started my reading challenge goal at 30. Considering I have a few books on the go at the moment I am hoping to keep up my reading throughout the year.
I am loving Goodreads at the moment. It is a great website/app to keep up with what you have read, or wish to read or are reading currently. It is also a great way to keep in touch with fellow readers or writers through forums that you can join and ask questions about writing… or what you are reading at the moment. Just seems like a great way for the book lovers to have a community together.

Whoever manages to read over 50 books on their reading challenge have my utmost respect, that’s a book a week. When you say it like that it doesn’t seem too far fetched, if you are into the book then it shouldn’t take very long to finish. My record… sad to say was Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series. I think it took me about three to four days. I used to sit in cars (my family members cars, not just random ones) and read for hours, I kept telling myself… one more chapter, one more chapter. It was one chapter after another and before I knew it, I had finished it. Maybe one year I will manage to achieve reading over fifty books in a year, that would possibly mean that I no longer have a job.

So, for everyone embarking on the great and noble quest of the Goodreads Challenge. I wish you all the best… Here are a few things I suggest you include when going forth into your reading depths.

  1. A Comfy nook – There is nothing better than curling up in pillows and blankets, getting all warm and reading a good book.
  2. Comfort Food – Why Not! Just go for it, forget calorie counting, it doesn’t count when you are in another world.
  3. Mood Lighting – FAIRY LIGHTS! All the way, with some fairy lights, it creates a gorgeous ambiance for a room, maybe add a few scented candles in there and BOOM!
  4. Mood Music – Only if you are that way inclined. I know that some people like to have absolute silence when they read, probably why libraries are so popular to book lovers. Me… I love a bit of chilled out music, just in the background. Just a bit of noise for me to drown out. I just feel awkward otherwise. I usually listen to playlists created by AlexRainbird Music on YouTube. They really get me in the mood for anything.

Good Luck to everyone who is setting themselves the goals to go through as many books on you shelves as you can… I will be doing my best also 😀 I’d love to hear the targets you’re setting yourselves.



Disclaimer: This is not a collaboration, all words and thoughts are my own. 


Why I can’t finish any of my stories!

For years I have had quite a lot of stories in my head, all mapped out and ready to be shared. I started writing 10 years ago, it was more of a hobby for me which was why it didn’t matter to me that none of them had actually been finished.
Now since I know that one day I wish to be a novelist or a screenwriter. I do actually have to start finishing these many stories that have doubled since I started.
It’s unknown to me why I haven’t finished any story… well I finished one at least, but I had to finish it or I would have failed my degree.

The problem with ending a story that you have worked for a long time on is exactly that… an ending, it’s just like reading a book that you really enjoy, you don’t want it to end and have to be launched back into reality. As soon as the words THE END appear on that piece of paper is knowing that something I have worked very hard on is over and then I have to find something new. (I don’t think I like change very much)

Not only that, I am a slight perfectionist and never happy with my work, I suppose that I want everything that I write to be perfect and just writing down anything is difficult for me. This is not a bad thing if there are writers out there who are thinking like me. It just means that we can go about getting down what we think in a different way. Usually, I start different parts of the story when I think of them, it turns into a full on writing session, but I am then left with sections of several stories strewn all over the place. It doesn’t sound very efficient or organised i’ll grant that. It does get frustrating when it all doesn’t piece together, but at the end of the day it just takes time and patience.

A lot of people say that I probably will never finish a story, but I know I will, because I have the determination to do it. It just might take a little longer. There are steps however, to help get there:

  1. Turn off your phone – you may get more work done when you don’t have the distraction of wanting to check facebook or the buzzing of notifications being sent.
  2. Ditch the computer – At least for now, sometimes going back to basics with simply a pen and a notebook can be better for your writing. It certainly does with mine. Then when you type it all up then you can see what you need to change.
  3. Put on some chilled out music, something that you can relax and de-stress (stress is the worst to put blocks on your mind)

These are some of the things I like to do to prepare myself to start writing. They are only small things, and they may not help everyone, but for me even the slightest little nudge is a good thing.

What are some of the things that get you in the mood to write?




My Collection of Coffee Table Books

Does anyone have any books that they love to have on hand to be able to pick up at anytime, or have you seen those picture perfect instagram pictures of peoples coffee tables that have the books neatly placed, and when you look at it it makes you feel you have not been successful in adulting as you look at your own crumb covered, coffee laden, junk on the table. Well I do… but I do have a list of books that if I did have a the perfect table these would be on it.

This is the book I am currently reading, it’s a great book so far. I do love a good vampire, witch, demon story with exciting puzzles to solve and so on. For me, however, I find the chapters to be a little long. If you are not a fan of long chapters I would take this book slowly as sometimes it is hard to focus on what’s happening. Other than that, this book can stay on my coffee table.

Another book that I have on the go at the moment. I am only a few chapters, but as far as I can see it is the perfect young adult book. The chapters are nice and short that make you feel like you can accomplish more chapters in one evening than you can any other book. THUMBS UP FROM ME!! 🙂

I love everything about Outlander, the concept, the characters… just everything. I really like the fiction with reality, the use of legends and myths of some ancient magic of the pagans. I love the romance that Claire (the main character) has in her life and the trials she has to face to be with her true love. It’s a story for older teens and adults though… bit too much sex and violence for the young ones. Still only halfway through the first one though.

This is the book I want to read every Christmas. When December rocks around, I want to take this book off of my shelf and delve into the world of Jo March. The well written difficulties of the time, the joys and the heartache of each of the March sisters make fro a great read. I love the strong personalities of the individual sisters, you cannot get much better than this book. Only the best for the greatest coffee table.

I would also maybe feature my kindle, you know because it has a butt load of other books that I just can’t decide between. It’s always nice to have it around just in case I need more reading material.
Nothing beats a good rainy day sat cwtched up on the sofa with a hot drink, getting all cosy with the characters of  a beloved book.

Which books would feature on your coffee table?




Literary Book Gifts

Okay Everyone!

Now that November is here and Halloween is out of the way, it is now more sociably acceptable to talk about CHRISTMAS. Whether we like it or not, now is the time to be dropping the hints to our loved ones of the gifts we would like to receive and vice versa.

For all of us book lovers out there every little helps. Literary Book Gifts.com is an online shop that sells T-shirts and Tote bags with all of your favourite classic books on the front. All are put together by the small company’s owner and I must say I would be happy to wear any one of them.

One of my favourites is this Tote Bag I love the design and the style of it, the simplicity of the best and worst part of any story. A perfect gift for carrying around all of the books you desire. Available in three sizes small, medium and large, what a great gift to find in your stocking.


The T-shirts are slightly different, each design is available in many colours and many sizes, luckily there is a size guide for us to see which size would be the best for us. HAPPY DAYS! I love how intricate the designs are, they really draw out the classic feels of the book. Just like this one with The Grimm Fairy Tales. The pictures look as if they are coming from smoke, tales that are told around the fire, the images trailing up into the night sky. Beautiful. 67d4e834bc9662d83c30f989af8ecb04_1024x1024@2x (1)

The shirts and the tote bags are all simple yet they you can wear them for both day and night. Keeping your favourite classics close by even if you are out clubbing, a quiet dinner with friends or just tucked up and chilling at home.

Perfect for your book lover friends, family or even a nice pay day treat for yourself. AND, because we know that everyone is tightening their belts for when the mad rush of Christmas shopping begins. So the lovely people at Literary Book Gifts.com have devised a lovely little promo code for anyone interested in buying something. Upon checkout all you have to do is type in TwentySomethingMinds20 this is for 20% off what is in your basket on checkout… exciting times no.

Please remember everyone, that in times like this, supporting small independent businesses is super important. By helping someones livelihood, you are getting something that is not mass produced. It’s a wonderful thing. Please also note that this company is in America, so all of you wishing to order from the UK or Internationally, please allow some time for shipping. It will be worth it, I promise.

Enjoy what this lovely website has to offer. You can find them here



DISCLAIMER: This is a personal blog, although approached by the company, all words are my own. 


How to Survive Book Buying Bans

If you are like me and are currently on a book buying ban, and are having trouble, take a look at these few things that will help you get through it. I don’t always ban myself, but at the moment I am trying my best to save money, and once I start I will not stop going into the bookshops.
I allow myself to buy a new book every month, but, sadly it doesn’t stop there as I do also have a kindle, and as we all know there prices may be cheap but they do rack up.
So, here are some of the things I do to take my mind off buying books.

  1. Number ONE is, I think an obvious one. Read a book you have, but have not read yet. If you are like me there are plenty of those on your bookshelves. I probably have not read around half of the books on my shelves. Surely, we should be reading these books first before buying new ones.
  2. Number TWO – Are you willing to temporarily blindfold yourself, or even lock yourself away in a tower in the middle of nowhere without stairs… You can change your name to Rapunzel?
  3. Look into new hobbies in your area. For example, I have taken up cross stitching. Cross stitching you say, and no I am not an old woman. It is actually super relaxing, and when you have finished it makes me feel accomplished.
    Dancing always helps as well and long walks (they make you tired so you can’t make it to the book shops)
  4. Get lost in a TV series. There are tons around that would appeal to book lovers, such as Once Upon a Time (Netflix), Gilmore Girls (Netflix), Outlander (Amazon Prime). All of these can easily be binged watched, and it will take a good couple of weeks so by then you should have saved enough money to buy a book if you wanted to.
  5. If you are not strong enough, do not fret, none of us are. If you feel like you must buy a book, go to place such as The Works or Oxfam Book Shop, somewhere that has books. but will do them at a cheaper price, that way, you are still saving, and feeding your addiction at the same time.

Well there you have it, some might not be helpful, one might not be at all helpful. It was really hard for me to think of things to take my mind off books, SHOCK it didn’t work. I love books, and if that means saving up money in a seperate pot solely dedicated to buying books then I will do it.

So, let’s be strong everyone. Stay off bookshop websites, never leave the house unless you can walk with a friend who will actively drag you away (I have these freinds and they always drag me away.) Just remember, you have books that have been unread, let them fulfil their purpose. READ THEM!

Hope you are successful!




Who Would You Invite to a Dinner Party?

Has anyone ever been asked who they would most like to meet, be it any famous people, sports personalities, actors or reality stars. Well, who would I invite to dinner with you at your house? Let’s keep my choices to literary characters and we shall say five people, six including me, a nice even number for a cozy soiree. The choices that I make are on the basis that I can choose anyone dead or alive.

  1. Winnie The Pooh – I think, once in everyone’s life we absolutely adore Winnie The Pooh and his friends. I am 25 years old and I still love him. I cannot wait for the new Christopher Robin film to come out. I would have to stock up on a lot of honey to make him feel at home. Plus, I think him and my next guest would actually get along quite well. Pooh Bear is one of my favourite characters in a book not only from my childhood, but all time. He is quite inspirational.
  2. Aslan – The great lion from the land of Narnia. This would be amazing to meet him, to hear something inspirational come from his mouth (I am hearing the Liam Neeson voice from the film) He is one of my favourite lions, (not that there’s many.) It’s the excitement when you are reading the book and everyone is gathering and getting geared up to finally meet him and you can just imagine all of the feelings that are running through the Pevensie children’s minds. I would love to have the same feeling as he stepped through my doorway.
  3. Thirdly, I would have the lovely, fellow bookworm, Hermionie Granger. To just meet her would make my childhood. She is my favourite character in Harry Potter, I just keep imagining her at the dinner table with Winnie The Pooh, trying to make sense of his perfect nonsense. She could also teach me how to do some spells, which, let’s face it, we all want. The 11 year old inside of me would be jumping for joy.
  4. Number four is actually a suggestion from my boyfriend, as I was struggling to think of a fourth. To mix things up a little a bit I decided to choose the beloved elf Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. He probably wouldn’t understand anything that was going on, but I think it would be fun to learn about his elven culture, and maybe a trick or two with a bow and arrow, it is something I have always wanted to do. Along with Aslan’s words of wisdom it would be a perfect opportunity to feel like a fictional character myself.
  5. And lastly, number five – Merlin. I chose this character last because he is probably the most important of them all. He is one of my all time favourite characters and the idea that he could have been real, just is fascinating to me. I love the legends of Merlin and King Arthur. I love legends and myths in general, I have done ever since I was old enough to understand them. Merlin had a destiny to protect Arthur and he did, for the best part of his life. It’s a wonderful gift to give some, to help them become the person that they are meant to be, maybe even better. He truly is my favourite character.

When I look back at my choices, they look like a crazy bunch of people at a crazy party, where nothing makes sense. A bit like a Mad Hatters Tea Party. Sounds like my kind of party.

So, if you could invite 5 literary characters for a dinner party, who would you pick?




My Favourite Reading Places

Everyone had their own little reading nooks or special places. Some people like to read in libraries where the silence helps drift off into the amazing worlds of the books we read.
Over the years I have several favourite places that I liked to sit and read. When I was younger I liked to go to the library in school, granted I didn’t  read much, I just sat with an open book chatting to my friends. I like to sit outside with a good novel, only if I am in a comfortable position, that is the most important part. We have to be comfortable to read or we just won’t enjoy the experience. That is why one of my favourite places is in fact my bed. I am always comfortable in bed. Night-time is also a perfect time to read as it is before you fall asleep into the world that you had just read about. Which is exciting. It is always exciting to think that you could be the one in your story.

Other than bed, I have a few other places that are my favourite, for example I like to sit at the castle ruins in the town where I live. Sometimes, it is peaceful to sit there and stare out at the horizon with the waves looking like diamonds, it has a calming effect.
I would love to have a cosy corner in my flat that  can curl up in and enjoy my books, very soon I will be creating one. In front of one of my windows is the perfect spot to place my sofa beds and a lot of blankets and pillows and maybe a few candles (moderately, we don’t want any fires) with that I have easily, and on a low budget created a cosy nook for all of my reading adventures. Creating a nook is easy if you have the right spots to do so, and of course the right amount of blankets. You could even take it one step further and make a canopy like tee pee over the nook. I did this once and felt it was a perfect place to read.

Different people have different ideas of their perfect place to read. Some people only like to read on holiday, which is very good, holidays are a time of relaxation and it’s the same with reading.
According to an article on business insider, when we read we improve our memory, but it also makes us feel super positive. It is also said to to help with our health. So, next time you pick up a book or your phone/kindle, don’t forget to relax and you will reap the mental benefits.

If you want to look for your own perfect place to read but can’t think where, take a look at Pinterest and see what other people have done to give you and idea of what you may like.

Hope you enjoyed