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Why my Bullet Journal is SO important to me!

Every writer is sure to have a Notebook… or many if you are a stationary hoarder like myself. A notebook to take with us everywhere, so you are able to write down everything that comes into our head that would be good in a book, or a short story, or for some writers, poems (I am beyond useless at poetry.) Just over a year … Read More Why my Bullet Journal is SO important to me!


How to Survive Book Buying Bans

Check out how I survive book buying bans!


Who Would You Invite to a Dinner Party?

Who would you invite to a dinner party? Take a look at mine 😀


Ask Away! – Where do clouds come from?

A few years ago I went through a phase of asking my friends ridiculous questions. I merely asked the questions we all want to know the real answers to. In this new weekly blog post I will be asking questions and then answering them so that we ALL know the answers. We can all learn something new together 😀 So the first question is… … Read More Ask Away! – Where do clouds come from?

My Travels :D – Prague Part 2

My last day in Prague was mainly going back into town and walking round everything. I was having a break from museums, I was mainly checking out the tourist life and the beautiful architecture of all the buildings. I went across the beautiful Charles bridge as slowly as I could without being pushed left, right and centre by the amount of people around and … Read More My Travels 😀 – Prague Part 2