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Books I would like to read – JUNE!

Unread books are an epidemic in my house. I would like to maybe get my teeth into them and then I can feels a sense of accomplishment when they are finally finished. Here are some of them: HEIR OF FIRE – This is the book that is currently on my bedside table and the book I take everywhere. I am loving the story of … Read More Books I would like to read – JUNE!


Writing in Whose POV

The Point of View of a novel, will set the tone for the entire book, so it’s very important that the right one is picked. One of the things that I struggle with the most, as a writer beginning a new story, is from which point of view I would like to tell it from. I am bombarded with questions that I ask myself … Read More Writing in Whose POV


Why I can’t finish any of my stories!

For years I have had quite a lot of stories in my head, all mapped out and ready to be shared. I started writing 10 years ago, it was more of a hobby for me which was why it didn’t matter to me that none of them had actually been finished. Now since I know that one day I wish to be a novelist … Read More Why I can’t finish any of my stories!

Busy, Busy Bee :)

Hello Everyone, I am so awful for not posting anything in the last few weeks, I have been super busy with University. I have just completed a 5000 word essay and honestly I hope I never do another one. I am doing a Creative Writing course so I barely have to write anything that requires me to actually think like a brain box. I … Read More Busy, Busy Bee 🙂