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Book Club!

***** May be some spoilers ***** I have always thought it would be nice for me to join a book club. I don’t have many people I speak frequently too, to be able to talk about books with. I usually just bore people as I go on and on and on. My partner is a good egg and he tries to listen and fair … Read More Book Club!


Books I would like to read – JUNE!

Unread books are an epidemic in my house. I would like to maybe get my teeth into them and then I can feels a sense of accomplishment when they are finally finished. Here are some of them: HEIR OF FIRE – This is the book that is currently on my bedside table and the book I take everywhere. I am loving the story of … Read More Books I would like to read – JUNE!


My Favourite Reading Places

Everyone had their own little reading nooks or special places. Some people like to read in libraries where the silence helps drift off into the amazing worlds of the books we read. Over the years I have several favourite places that I liked to sit and read. When I was younger I liked to go to the library in school, granted I didn’t  read … Read More My Favourite Reading Places


Hens take over Liverpool

Just over eleven years ago, I was in my first year of Secondary School. In that year I met this really random girl. She was called Sophie (I know four Sophie’s.) Now to begin with I thought this girl was super weird, due to the fact that she used to stare over her shoulder at my work in art class. Weird right. I don’t … Read More Hens take over Liverpool


Inspirational Quotes :D

Hello Everyone, on this fine, rainy Tuesday. Lately I have been feeling  a little uninspired, as I am sure everyone gets once in a while. So I decided to write down all the little or long quotes that give me inspiration to write or actually get up and go out side. I have decided to share them with you all in hope that you … Read More Inspirational Quotes 😀


Review: Moulin Rouge

Lately I have been thinking, that it is about time I start reviewing what I know best, books, films and TV programmes, and what better to start off with than with one of my all time favourite films Moulin Rouge. Set in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century we follow the tale written by the young writer Christian as he tells the … Read More Review: Moulin Rouge

10 Top Inspirational Actresses

We all have our favourite actors and actresses, whether they are new to the game or have been your favourite’s for years. Here are 10 of my favourite actresses who have inspired me to write in hope that one day they will bring my characters to life. KATE WINSLET – For as long as I can remember I have really looked up to the … Read More 10 Top Inspirational Actresses