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Books VS Kindle

Like a lot of other readers i’m sure, I love a good book. I like to hold something physical in my hands and to watch the bookmark make its way further and further until it reaches the satisfying end. It is one of the best feelings to see it, the feeling of accomplishment. Kindle’s, however, are admittedly much better for the environment as we … Read More Books VS Kindle


Goodreads 2019!

How did everyone do with their Goodreads challenge in 2018? I did so badly that I can hardly call myself a bookworm, more like a book-Ant. I do try to keep up with reading habits, unfortunately, this year it’s been more work and sleep rather than work, read, sleep. Last year, I had challenged myself to read 50 books… that didn’t work, I changed … Read More Goodreads 2019!


Literary Book Gifts

Okay Everyone! Now that November is here and Halloween is out of the way, it is now more sociably acceptable to talk about CHRISTMAS. Whether we like it or not, now is the time to be dropping the hints to our loved ones of the gifts we would like to receive and vice versa. For all of us book lovers out there every little … Read More Literary Book Gifts